10 Amazing Things You Didn’t Know About Polaroid


Polaroid is the pioneering brand and one of the world most recognized brand in photography history. The brand has been around since 1943 and is responsible for the world first instant photography camera.


Polaroid has expanded tremendously since its founder Edwin Land’s first started the company. They made products ranging from instant and digital cameras, HD video cameras, tablet, HD Tvs and mobile apps.

Today the company is owned by PLR IP Holdings, LLC with a recent year growth of $1.3billion. The polaroid brand has created an innovation made simple platform that continues to have global appeal today.

1. Polaroid Started Out Making Sunglasses

Polaroid founder and inventor Edwin Land’s was born 1909. He initially produced day glasses, the first sun glasses with a polarizing filter. The glasses were produced as a ski glasses, 3D glasses and dark adaptor googles for the army and navy. These glasses have been collected by M&T.

Today polaroid eye wear is owned by the the Italian group called sefilo. These glasses are manufactured at the Ethiopia research center in Scotland.

2. Edwin Land’s Daughter Was the Inspiration Behind the First Ever Polaroid Instant Camera

The three-year-old daughter while on vacation in asked “why the camera that they used couldn’t produce a photo immediately? That inspired him to invent such a camera. In 1947 Land publicly showed off an instant camera. It was called the polaroid Land camera with film.

It is was first one long drive process for producing instant photograph within one minute. The instant camera was a huge success and the first ever produced during the Christmas season of 1948 and remained on the market more than 50 years. The color film version was introduced in 1963.

3. World War II Tripled Polaroid’s Size

By 1942, the time economy tripled polaroid size. A $7million navy contract to work on a Dove hill seeking missile project was the largest contract polaroid had ever had. Though the bomb was not used during world war II. polaroid was way ahead of time in 3D technology.

4. Polaroid Is Known for Innovation in Branding

Along with the innovation in instant cameras, polaroid has been considered one of the best in branding and packaging. Polaroid was known for having superior product with a branding to match. In 1959 the company hired a freelance designer, he changed the face of polaroid by creating packaging for polaroid colored packs. Apple may have taken a bit out of the polaroid because it earlier logo had the color of polaroid, like what they say imitation is the best form of flattering.

5. At Its Peak, Polaroid Was Worth 3 Billion Dollars

Polaroid is one of the most widely recognized consumer brands in the world. In the early 90s the company was worth a whopping 3 billion dollars. Polaroid has also made the second most expensive camera in the world.


6. Polaroid Technology Was Used for Glare Free Car Lighting

One evening, polaroid inventor Edwin Land was walking down the street when a car came from the opposite end with its headlights on. His vision was dimmed due to the intensity of the light and he was left virtually blind for a few moment and it was a moment of inspiration for him.

Land set out to find a solution for the problem because he knew such light could cause road accidents and take lives. In 1932 he developed a film-like plastic sheet that could filter called polaroid.

7. Polaroid Was a Pioneer of Hiring Minorities and Women

Edwin Land was known to have been an incredible dedicated scientist and worker. Spending long night in the lab and a progressive employer, who hired women and minorities for research and management positions. In 1971 black employees help launched a movement that stand up against apartheid in South Africa.

8. Polaroid Developed a Presence in The Medical Imaging Field

Polaroid release the medical liaising imaging system called Hilo’s. it produces digital medical diagnoses in 90 seconds. The goal for polaroid was to cut cost for radiology department across the globe.

9. Before There Was Instagram, There Was Warhol

From 1958 until the start of 1987, Andy Warhol took hundreds if not thousands of polaroids. His broad use of polaroid was fascinating. Nothing was off limit to Warhol. Just as his painting, he made his face the subject, looks Warhol might have pioneered the selfie. People take and share pictures now the same way Warhol did then. I wonder what Warhol would have done with his Instagram account today. Polaroid has its own museum also.

10. Lady Gaga Was Creative Director

Lady Gaga spent several years as creative director for polaroid. In her tenure there she helped to launched products under the name ‘Great label’. One of which was a pair of sunglasses, that acted as a wearable camera that can snap pictures, be preloaded with slide shows videos. She used it in her poker face musical video.

11. Polaroid’s Inventor Has Over 500 Patents

He was introduced into the hall fame of inventors in 1977. On March 1st 1991 he passed away at the age of 81. Today polaroid original has released the ‘One Step 2 Instant Camera’. It is fixed focus point camera that is simple to use. Just aim and push the button.

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