10 Trending Free Mobile Messaging Apps for 2016


Messaging Apps reaching the large global audience with passing days and it will continue. Gone are the days when oversharing with hundreds of friends was the most popular way to spend time online.


As people become more concerned about privacy—and as messaging startups continue to pop up with unique features designed for chatting—more people are choosing to share information privately.

According to survey The best mobile messaging apps are WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, kik, Snapchat, Line, Skype, Google Hangout, Viber, BBM, IM+. And these are  more popular in people.

Everybody spending more then a few time on chat in a day. From 10 years old to very aged man are using SMS applications of WhatsApp, FB Messanger, Kik and it’s alternatives for the chat ?. Messaging apps became the first priority of audience. Because many problems and a big deals can be solved without any noise and without disturbing to anybody in less time.

Using Text Messaging Apps anybody feel close with friends, Family, and to some others. So now a day these apps becoming trending in the world.

These free texting apps can be allowed for Android and iOS smartphone. Here is the list of top trending SMS apps for chatting. These are absolutely free and it can run in all devices.

10 Mobile Free Messaging Apps


WhatsApp Messenger has made a big platform in the short time in the audience. WhatsApp has 57.5 million unique visitors in a month. People love its easy interface that are Design which is clean and simple, It allows Audio, Video, Photos and media, as well as group chat.

This is the best chatting app and it is the better experience to chat with friends and family because all of them will have it.

Facebook Messanger

Facebook Messenger is the official facebook app that you can text conversion with your friends on the popular social network. Facebook Messenger hits over 700 million users now a day.

Though Facebook is the most popular social networking website, It Doesn’t have made a record. Remember, Facebook brought WhatsApp last February with the deal of $19 billion. So I think WhatsApp and FB messenger as good as same.



Snapchat comes with the new messaging features, which permit users to send media or text to different users and save instant messages by tapping on them.You can send or receive images and video on it.

Frequently considered as a message application into the world of naked selfies for teens, it’s genuine is in catching the ephemera – sometimes beautiful, regularly entertaining – of everyday life.


Viber allows you to send free text messages as well as make free calls to other Viber users, on any device, in any country! The viber’s user interface involves tab bar on the bottom access to messages, long calls, contact, the keypad and a catch for getting to more alternatives. Viber allows to share expression with stickers. This is its a good feature.


Kik Messenger is an instant messaging application for mobile devices from Kik Interactive. User’s account should have registered with username or email to access Kik app. Kik also allows users to share photos, sketches, mobile web pages, and other content.


Basically, Skype known for making a free video call in any country for free. Registered users of Skype are recognized by a unique Skype Name and may be listed in the Skype directory.

In featuring, Skype allows a user to Video calls, Group video calls, Voice calls, Instant messaging, Screen sharing and file sharing. I love getting friends and family in one place for regular catch ups. it’s easier than ever.

Blackberry Messanger

BlackBerry Messenger is globally famous for its uptime and reliable features. BBM is the best text messenger app which allows you to share instant messages, media and more. Earlier, BBM app was only for Blackberry users, But now it allows to all users of android, iOS and other OS. Visit Official page for more features.

Google Hangout

Google Hangouts is a communication platform produced by Google which includes instant messaging, video chat, SMS and VOIP features. If you getting bored in your office, you can hangout with your friends using its amazing features, secretly.

If sometimes you left your conversation, the chat story will be saved in your Gmail. And it also allows to synchronised to your device. For you business man guys this is best messaging app.

Line Messanger

The Line is launched in 2011 as well. Now a day line has collected 400 million worldwide users. It has same features as in above app of media and message sharing. Here is the best thing in the feature is the sticker.


The different and unique stickers have some text that tell your expression and about the situation as good. It is available for all devices.


IM+ is the web messenger. It consists of a various messaging app such as AIM, Facebook, Jabber, MSN, MySpace, Skype, Yahoo!, Yandex and Google Talk also. If you use a multiplicity of chat service, you should use IM+ messaging app.

Because the all popular SMS apps and text messaging apps are placed at this platform. So can easily access multiple apps in one place.

These all free Messaging Apps can run on any devices such as Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows and also can run on PC.



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