10 YouTube Channels That Every Petrolhead Will Appreciate


Car-culture enthusiasts run the gamut. From gearheads who always find something to fix or improve on, to people who simply love admiring powerful engineering and sleek design.


Whatever a person’s reason for liking cars, these ten YouTube channels represent the best automotive content on the platform right now.

Motor Trend Channel

If the name sounds familiar, it’s because Motor Trend Channel is a derivative of the Motor Trend magazine. It’s also one of the most subscribed-to automotive channels on YouTube, and there’s really no surprise why.

This channel offers a bit of everything. Anyone watching can expect the hottest new supercars, special off-road events, classic muscle cars, and insights from people in the industry.

Mighty Car Mods

Marty and Moog have come a long way from filming their home-made videos in Marty’s mom’s garage. But the duo hasn’t lost their passion for fixing cars or their homey vibe, and the internet is all the better for it.

Anyone who needs a tutorial on how to fix their car at home will probably find it here. The channel is also great for people who want to try out pimping their ride, or simply love watching car modding videos.


If there’s one channel that’s stocked to the brim with supercars, it’s this one. Tim Burton is living it up with flashy cars and grand road trips.

So if someone’s looking for a peek at the latest and greatest in high-performance sports cars then look no further than here.

Scotty Kilmer

Sometimes, style just can’t beat experience. Scotty has been working on cars for over 50 years, and he has the immense background knowledge to prove it too.


He prides himself on having created a “people’s automotive channel” that focuses on being helpful and educational. His subscribers often share their own informative tips, and he occasionally runs neat giveaways.


Both amateurs and experienced gearheads can appreciate the tips and tricks that Chris shares on his channel. He provides simple step-by-step tutorials on both simple repairs and more challenging fixes.

Not only will this save anyone who’s looking to fix their car a lot of money, but it feels good to DIY too!

Engineering Explained

Mechanical engineer Jason Fenske runs an almost educational YouTube channel where he explains the ins and outs of automotive engineering.

This is a great channel for mechanics who want to hone their craft. It’s also a brilliant informative tool for anyone who likes to learn about how and why cars run the way they do.


EVO is one of the top go-to channels for supercar lovers who want a close-up look at all of the world’s latest luxury sports cars. Expect quality, in-depth hypercar reviews, long stretches of beautiful European roads, and the goosebump-inducing sound of purring engines.

There are also plenty of comparison videos for those wondering how their favorite exotic cars rank up.

Jay Leno’s Garage

Jay Leno has an impressive collection of automobiles ranging from classic rides to the latest sports cars.

He provides an entertaining (and high-def) look into his favorite cars and sometimes have other celebs, like Kevin Hart, tag along too. Anyone who loves restoring cars should also take a look at his restoration blog series on his channel.


This is one of the top channels for avid do-it-yourselfers who want expert tips on how to fix their cars without breaking the bank. His channel isn’t always about repairs, though.


He also has videos on how to install things like sound deadening material and radios. Eric focuses on easy auto repair tutorials but has videos on classic car refurbishments as well.

Car Throttle

Car Throttle excels in producing entertaining car-related videos that even non-petrolheads like to watch. They have a number of different series such as 2 Guys 1 Car and Car Trivia mixed in with random videos.

Some of their most-watched videos include funny social commentary shorts like “Stupid Things People Say When Selling a Car.”

Get Those Engines Revving

These are the cream of the crop when it comes to car channels on YouTube. They cover a wide variety of cars, tips, and topics.

Getting that “video not available” error when watching any of these channels? Unfortunately, YouTube isn’t immune to archaic licensing agreements, and sometimes creators don’t make their videos available everywhere for whatever reason.

But don’t let geo-restrictions hit the breaks – just get a YouTube proxy and keep watching these amazing car-centric videos.



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