12 Emergency Essentials You Should Always Keep in Your Car


Wondering what are the 12 emergency essentials that you should always keep in your car? We have got the answerImagine a car breakdown in the middle of nowhere.


If survival is an instinct, then we cannot ignore such imaginations and need to be prepared to face what comes our way. The situation of emergency comes to us always unwarranted and out of the blue.

The 12 Things You Cannot Miss Out On

It is important for us and the safety of our family and our co-passengers to remember to load our vehicle with these 12 emergency essentials before we head for a drive:

  1. First – aid kit: Your first aid kit should at least have the following: band aids, adhesive tape, gauze pads, antiseptic wipes and cream and aspirin.
  2. Flash light: If you are stranded with a broken car in the night, this flash light would help you fix your car or change your deflated tire. Remember to carry extra batteries along with your flash light.
  3. Siphon pump/hose: What if you run out fuel in the middle of an unending highway? No petrol pumps nearby? The best thing you can do is wait for help till another vehicle passes by. And then when you would ask for a refill, you will not be able to do so without a siphon hose. So keep it handy to save yourself from such complicated situations.
  4. Jumper cables: Jumper cables are usually 6-8 feet in length and come with a coating of 8 gauge rubber. These cables can revive your dead car battery temporarily so that you can reach your destination or the nearest pit stop. But before loading them in your car, make sure you know how to use them.
  5. Gloves: Ready to fix your car on your own? You would need gloves if you want to keep your hands safe from the heated parts. The material of the gloves should preferably be leather or rubber or a combination of both. They preferably should be mechanical gloves.

How do you measure your hand for buying riding gloves? Well, not every glove is right – a lot depends on your wrist size for instance. How do you know if you are buying the right glove? Try out the gloves whenever you can before buying them, so that you know it would come in handy when it’s needed.

  1. Tow Rope: Stuck in the middle of a heavy traffic? The traffic lights go green but your car doesn’t start. The horns keep honking and you have no way out. This is when you will thank yourself if you carry a tow rope along with you. All you will need is another generous fellow driver who will help you use his car to tow yours.
  2. Warning triangles: These warning triangles will help you avoid any untoward accidents because of lack of visibility. You will be able to warn the approaching motorists beforehand.
  3. Phone charger: Phones run out of battery ironically when we are at the most difficult situations – so never run out of battery and power yourself with a phone charger to call for help or assistance when the hour of peril strikes.
  4. Water: Water is required for you and for the car. If your engine heats up, you might need water to cool it down. Every time you go for a long drive it is important to keep yourself hydrated. In terms of emergency, every drop of water counts.
  5. Extra clothing: If you have no choice but to spend the night stranded in your car, you might need some warm clothes or a rain jacket to help you in harsh weather conditions.
  6. Umbrella: To carry an umbrella in your car is going to help you most of the times and is going to make your travel very convenient. Make it a practice to have a spare umbrella in your car boot.
  7. Tools: These three tools will come handy every time you need to make a small fix to the car:
  • Screwdriver
  • Spanners
  • Utility knife

The utility knife will be useful if you get in an accident and cannot remove your seat belt. The spanner will help you fix the loose ends if any in the car.

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