15 Best Apple App Store Alternatives to Get Free iOS Apps


If you read my earlier article to Get Paid Apps for Free on iPhone [Legally], in that I have mentioned about to get free apps using the third-party app store.


Third-party app store is actually apple app store alternative which is offering to you to get free apps that are paid. There are several websites and apps to grab free apps for iPhone.

I have collected the list of the websites for getting paid apps for free. There is no need to jailbreak your phone. You can have these free apps from the websites that are listed below. These websites are totally legal and safe for your iPhone.

You can get free iOS apps on any iOS such as iOS 6, iOS 7, iOS 8, iOS 9. It can be run on iPhone, Ipad and iPod.

List of Alternative app store’s website to Get Free iOS Apps

  • Kuaiyong (http://www.kuaiyong.com/eg_web/index.html)
  • AppGratis (http://appgratis.com/in)
  • AppNana (http://appnana.com/)
  • Monster Free Apps (http://monsterfreeapps.com/)
  • AppSpy (http://www.appspy.com/latest-free-apps-on-sale)
  • Free Apps Fast (https://www.freeappsfast.com/)
  • AppRebates (https://apprebates.com/)
  • FreeAppLife (http://www.freeapplife.com/)
  • AppSaga (http://appsaga.com/category/apps-gone-free/)
  • AppShopper (http://appshopper.com/)
  • AppDown (https://appdown.me/)
  • AppMiner (http://www.bitrino.com/appminer/)
  • Free-App-a-Day (http://freeappaday.com/)
  • MagicSolver (http://www.freeappmagic.com/)
  • Free My Apps (http://welcome.freemyapps.com/)

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If you find any other alternative website to get free iOS apps, please write in the comment. So by you, this article can be more helpful to other readers.



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