What The 3rd Generation Toyota Century Looks Like


You may not know anything about the Toyota century unless you live in japan. So here are all you need to know about Toyota’s most luxurious production car. 30 years ago, the Japanese company decided to introduce a luxury car meant for royals and great men in the government, then the century was created. The Toyota century is a long wheel based luxury vehicle produced to compete with the best in the business of luxury car production.

The Toyota Century is said to be the most exclusive car in Japan. Introduced in 1967 the Toyota century was named for the 100th birthday of company founder Sakichi Toyoda. This car is so iconic as a status symbol that it is exempt from national restrictions on vehicle and engine size. It cannot even be bought in a typical car shop, but only at specialized stores, and only by invitation.

No wonder the emperor of japan is driven in a custom designed century. Now lets take a look at the 2018 Toyota century ( yea am always interested in latest things,lol) and see what makes it “tick”


Unlike other car models and brands, the Toyota century has only undergone a makeover three times in its 50 years existence. Being in its 3rd generation alone in over 50 years shows how important it is for Toyota to maintain the iconic status of the century. Looking at the 2018 century shows a strict resemblance to its predecessors. This is an attempt by Toyota to maintain the importance of previous models so they don’t start looking archaic… Smart move.

Up front the new Century reminds us of the previous model through its big, rectangular grille and fitted squared off headlamps. However, the grille feels much more modern and has an intricate mesh design with a honeycomb-like structure behind vertical and horizontal slats. At the center of the grille there’s the traditional Century crest which represents the Imperial House of Japan.

The 2018 Toyota century will carry over the old-school appearance of its predecessor, but in a slightly larger body as the overall length of the car has increased to accommodate a stretched wheelbase. Getting in and out of the car will also be easier than before since the height of the door opening is now bigger and the rear doors are longer. The boxy, no curvy shape has its own charm especially taking into account this is a very big and imposing car, one that’s 210 inches long, 76 inches wide, and a massive wheelbase that measures121 inches.

Just like in it’s predecessor, the new limousine comes with a specially-tuned suspension system that delivers premium ride comfort and enhanced stability. It’s newly developed tires also contribute to the smooth ride, while also enabling reduced road vibration. Engine mounts were also redesigned, while a active noise control system was added for “overwhelming quietness in the cabin.” Finally, there’s a two-stage motor speed reduction system that returns quiet and smooth driving.

The century might look a little bit old school in terms of its outward appearance, but the new vehicle is fitted with the latest technology from Toyota. Modern advanced driver assist safety in the century features precollision auto brake, blind-spot monitoring and a rear cross-traffic alert. Also the new century comes with the latest in LED headlamps technology.


Inside the cabin, the layout is somewhat very similar to the exterior. While the interior is modern and luxurious, it feels rather simple and clean. In the rear compartment, because that’s the compartment that matters most in a car like this, we find two seats covered in 100-percent wool that looks as soft as it feels.

The both seats are large and feel comfortable, having soft seating surfaces and large bolsters on each side. The headrests also seem very comfortable too. The back seats have adjustable power leg rest and also a massage function, while there’s an LCD panel hidden in the central armrest which enables passengers to control these functions, as well as air conditioning and audio systems. The Century is equipped with 20-speaker premium sound system…awesome!

Customers who do not fancy wool can have the seats wrapped in leather, which come with a “high-end upholstery.” The door panels are dressed in matching materials too, with wood veneer at the top and the armrest.

Wood is also used to design the center armrest, and the upper section of the front seat backs. The Toyota century is also equipped with a writing table, reading light, and a rear-seat entertainment system with a large screen. The raised ceiling provides passengers with ample headroom, while the curtains provide privacy when its needed.

The front compartment of the century is a mix of both old school and modern technology. The seats are also clothed is exquisite wool. There’s a big screen infotainment system,similar to the one fitted in the Toyota Prado. There’s a big slab of bright brown veneer in the background smaller section up front that incorporates the center A/C vents and infotainment screen.

The lower dashboard is wrapped in leather, just like the steering wheel, while the center stack has a piano black trim. The instrument cluster look digital, but the clocks are designed to be analogue units for an old-fashioned look and feel.

Engine and Transmission

Toyota made some significant changes in the engine and Transmission of the Century too. While the previous model was fitted with a 5.0-liter V-12 for its entire 20-year career, Toyota dropped the 12-cylinder engine in favor of a V-8.

But while V8 has less cylinders, the new unit also displaces five liters, so fans of large-displacement engines won’t be disappointed. Another interesting improvement is that the new Century also uses a hybrid system which is aimed at improving its fuel efficiency to a significant level.

The combination delivers 394 horsepower, which is a very significant improvement over the previous 5.0-liter V-12 which put out a mere 276 horses. The century has come with an automatic transmission since 1975. So its needless to say that the 2018 Toyota century will be fitted with an eight speed automatic transmission.


  • Extremely luxurious
  • Offers one of the most quiet cabins
  • Fuel economy is very high.


  • Not available to everyone
  • The boxy design doesn’t look very appealing.


The price is just about 12 million yen, or $100,000(about #36,000,000)

The sight and performance of the new Toyota Century will make one wonder…”Is Toyota trying to challenge roll royce, mercedes and other luxury car makers with the new century?” Lets keep our fingers crossed and watch how the whole thing plays out. You would love to own one of these right?

Well if you can afford the cost of one, you will still have to relocate to japan since the toyota century is only available to an exclusive group of personalities in japan alone( that is for now though)


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