5 Essentials for Writing Awesome Landing Pages


A landing page can be defined as a page that is specifically developed with the purpose of marketing and sales. Designing a landing page is extremely important for a business, as it is a page that decides the fate of the business.


This is a page that is supposed to encourage a visitor to sign up for a free course or to purchase the product. According to the study, around 75% of the businesses have trouble finding an expert for optimizing their landing pages.

A content marketing campaign without an awesome landing page is of no use. It’s crucial for a business to develop an awesome landing page at first before they run any sort of digital marketing campaigns.

Is creating an awesome landing page extremely difficult? In fact, it’s extremely challenging. This is the reason why a copywriter charges a hefty amount for creating a landing page. With that said, the process of creating a landing page can be made simpler if you spend some time learning about the essentials of the landing page.

There are people, who don’t even consider themselves as writers, who have managed to come up with an awesome landing page. You can do it too.

5 Essentials for Coming Up with an Awesome Landing Page

Landing Pages

There are plenty of things to consider for creating an awesome landing page. And, you must also keep in mind that creating an awesome landing page happens in an instant once you are aware of these essentials. It does take some practice to create an awesome landing page.

In addition to focusing on a landing page, you must also focus on SEO to drive traffic to your landing page. Seek out for the best SEO tips to increase traffic to your landing page. Without further ado, let’s check out the 5 essentials for creating a landing page.

Killer Headline and Sub Headline

A powerful headline and sub-headline are extremely important for web content. Most of the people won’t even bother going through the body if the content has a crappy headline. The headline should be created in a way that it entices people to click the link.

The headline must reveal the users the benefits they get if they go through their content. Spend some time on choosing the words before creating a headline. Here is the study that will give you some ideas on what type of headline can help you create an awesome landing page.


You can use the words, such as free, discount, new, and so on for enticing people to sign up for your offer.

Enticing hook

The second essential is a creation of an enticing hook. After reading the headline, the people will go through your content. The goal of every single sentence should be to make the visitor read the next sentence.

The trust must be established, and you should make the visitors feel that you understand their problems. Creating a powerful hook helps in getting your reader’s attention.  After being able to get the reader’s attention, you must present your product as an ultimate solution to their problem.

If you have already helped plenty of people in the past, you can show that with a line like “We have already solved this exact problem for thousands of people just like you.”

This line helps in showing that you are already experienced in solving the problem that the visitor is facing right now.

Value creation

The third essential of a landing page is the value creation. The visitors are likely to be skeptical when they are going through your content because of many scams that are promoted on the internet.

Your visitors are interested in knowing how your product is different and how it can solve the problem. They are not interested in the process; they are interested in the final result. For an instance, a person won’t focus a lot on what metal a battery is using, instead, a person would be more interested in how long the battery would last.

To help your visitors understand the value, you can use videos and bullet points. According to the study, the use of video content can increase the conversion by more than 85%. Adding bullet points and videos can help readers scan through the content and know the value without much effort.

Social Proof

After going through the strong bullet points and videos, the visitors may still have many objections. The study shows that the majority of the customers actually go through a review before trusting a business.

Your landing page must have social proof to make users trust your product. They are interested to know what other customers experienced after the use of the product. In order to win the trust of your potential customers, you can include strong testimonials, reviews, and so on.


Call to Action

The final essential of a landing page is a strong call to action. After doing all the hard work, a call to action will force your reader to take an action.

The call to action buttons is generally “Buy now” or “Download now”. It’s proven that the inclusion of call to action buttons can significantly increase the conversion rate. However, a person must be careful while creating the call to actions.

The call to action must be clear and simple. Do not ask too much from the visitor when you create a call to action.

Final Thoughts

You’re all ready to create an awesome landing page now. If you take care of all 5 essentials of the landing page that I’ve discussed here, you will observe your landing page converting visitors for you.

In case you don’t have enough time for creating an awesome landing page, you can always hire a copywriter for doing that job for you. Share this article with the copywriter (if you’re thinking of hiring) for increasing the chance of getting an awesome landing page.

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