5 Highly Effective and Useful WordPress Tools and Plugins


WordPress tools should be able to help you write better content. Moreover, they should be able to integrate social media, aid in SEO and help in managing multiple blogs, fix broken links, better meta titles and descriptions, increase your traffic, protect you from hackers, and much more.


In this article, I have enlisted some useful tools and plugins that can be very useful and effective for your blog. Some of these tools are free, while others come with a free trial period.

Here Are Some Effective And Useful WordPress Tools And Plugins

1. MainWP

Managing multiple WordPress blogs at a time is a major challenge faced by multiple blog owners.

MainWP is a self-hosted WordPress management plugin and is freely available. While it helps you in managing your daily multiple maintenance tasks at absolute free cost, you will need to keep paying for development costs.

They do this by selling extensions which are in the nature of additional features for marketing, SEO, security and maintenance, and more.

The freebies offered by MainWP are easy management, effortless upgrades, one click access, backups, auto updates and ignore updates, abandoned plugin and theme alerts, to name a few.

2. FTP Client

A desktop FTP client is very essential for managing a self-hosted blog.

With the aid of File Transfer Protocol(FTP), you can transfer files from one host to another like transferring files for Google verification, uploading and downloading files and images, sync local and remote media uploads, backups or WordPress security against vulnerability by changing file permission.


There are many free and paid FTP plugins available. You can look for the FTP client within the WordPress directory and go for the one that suits you best, based on the platform you are using.

3. Broken Link Checker

A Broken link checker scans your blog, its comment section, missing images, redirects or any other part of the content and notifies you about it.

It also saves you the time and effort required to edit the links directly from the plugin’s page, without updating the posts, one by one. Depending on the size of your sites, the process may take anything from several minutes to a couple of hours or more.

The process typically goes through several processes . A few examples are, the option to edit the URL, unlinking the link, or selecting “dismiss” which lets you hide the broken links.

However, running a Broken link checker on a high-traffic site sometimes slow down or freezes the webpages.

4. PhotoDropper

Writing great content is just not enough to make your blog successful. It is equally important to lure readers with catchy images that grab their attention instantly.

These images, better known as featured images are very powerful as they help the readers to decide quickly if they want to go through the content.

PhotoDropper is one such plugin for WordPress which allows you to use licensed images through Flickr in your blog, for free.

It is hassle free and lets you search and insert images quickly and saves them automatically to your image library. You can use the images both within the blog or set one of them as the featured image.

5. Camtasia

Camtasia is one of the best Video Blogging tools. Let us be clear that it is a paid tool from Techsmith and you may go for the 30 days free trial before subscribing to it.


It has a whole lot of features like the option to edit audio and video separately, advanced editing options, noise removal, and lots more.

If you are involved in Video Blogging, it would be a hell lot of excitement and with so many interesting things to do with Camtasia.



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