8 Internet Tricks on Your Browser You Didn’t Know Before Now


We all browse the internet every day and there are certain things tricks you wish you knew sooner. This will enable us navigating the internet a little easier.


These tricks are for use on the internet and some of which you already know it. Most of these tips and trick will help to increase your productivity.

Tabbed browsing

There are times that opening a new tab browsing is convenient, so that you can easily go back to the primary page you were reading without losing a position on the page. This is what tabbed browsing can be used for. There are couple of methods you can use to open a new tabbed browsing; find the link on your keyboard, hold down Ctrl+ Left-Click on your mouse and that will open a new tab for you. To open up a blank tab, on your keyboard press Ctrl+T and you will have a new blank tab.

If you accidentally closed down a tab without meaning to, the easy way to get it back is your keyboard; old down Ctrl+Shift+T all the same time. And if you want to restore the last tab you opened up or you want to make sure you do not accidentally close down all the tab, one way to do that is to pin the tab and this works on most browsers.

So right click on any opened tab and select pin tab and that particular tab will stay there even when you close out your browser and if you want to unpin tab, just right click on it again and select unpin tab. When you run into a situation, like when you open up a web page and music or audio starts playing, you can mute the tab; select the tab and select mute tab.

Tip Calculator

Internet Tricks

Most people know that google search has a built-in calculator, but many people don’t know that it’s also has a built in tip calculator which is use for our restaurants.

So you are most likely going to use this function on your mobile devices and here is how it works; you can either type-in or just say something like this; ‘what is the tip on $94.23’ and you will get this; 15%= $14.14. that is how you use the tip calculator.

Browser notepad

This is use to open a separate program for taking notes, this browser notepad can be use for note taking purposes. Just put this text into your address bar; ‘data:text/html, <html contenteditable><Title>Notepad</Title>’ and then hit enter. Then you can begin to type. Ultimately, this notepad pad has a night mode which is easier on the eye.

This is the text you can put on the address bar for the night mode; ‘data:text/html:charset=utf-8,%20<title>Notepad%20(Night mode). It is advisable to plans for both day and night mode. The great thing about this is that, it works on all browsers and you can even save the page if you need to re-fall back to your notes or edit your notes.


Google Timer

If you need a quick timer or stop watch. In the search bar just type google timer and then set the timer for the duration of your choice and then select start, the timer will be set.

Incognito Browsing

This mode is used when you don’t want your browser to destroy the history of what you have browsed. It is not use to keep temporary files and it does not allow cookies. To open an incognito window in chrome, select the setting menu in the up-right-hand corner of the menu bar, the select ‘new incognito window’. Incognito mode name goes by different names on other browser.

For example, in Firefox, select setting menu in the up-right-hand corner of the menu bar and the select new private window. Private browsing mode is great for hiding details, which is especially useful on public computer.

YouTube TV Mode

If you ever watched YouTube on a smart TV, gaming console or any other streaming device, then you will notice that YouTube has a much different look than on our personal computer. To get that same look on your desktop or laptop PC; in the address bar type in: youtube.com/tv, then hit enter.

Bacon Number

Most of us is familiar with the United State actor Kevin Bacon from film such as Apollo 13. The bacon number is number of degrees of separation a celebrity is from directly working with Kevin Bacon. Through the google search, just select the name of a celebrity. For example, Tom Hanks bacon number is 1, because both Tom Hanks and Kevin Bacon appeared in Apollo 13.

Browser shortcuts

These shortcuts are very effective in most browser when navigating the internet. Here is some keyboard shortcut you can use. To move the cursor to the address bar, select Alt+D or Ctrl+L. To increase and decrease the size of a page, hold down Ctrl and + at the same time.

To decrease the size of a page, hold down Ctrl and – at the same time. To reload a web page, you can hit F5 on the keyboard.

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