8 Top Technology Trends Rising In 2020


It’s hard to choose a few top trends in relation to technological advancement but we will discuss only those that are predicted and anticipated to take over the global scene in the coming decades.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are on a rapid rise. Even though there are apprehensions associated with it but so were with every new innovation. But just like they managed to make their mark and became household necessities.

These technological advancements are much needed, taking into consideration the growing population, expansion of global businesses and needs to streamline the processes. Here are some of the most popular and emerging tech trends:

1. Cybersecurity and data protection

Cybersecurity has become a priority for many governments around the world. Implementation of laws like GDPR from Europe has set precedence for the rest of the world.

It’s becoming more intelligence-driven and reliant on machine learning than ever before. The AI-powered smart machines shall be more autonomous in detecting any suspicious activity, or potential attack than humans can ever do.

2. Automation is becoming another norm

You must have heard of driverless cars, robots or drones. There shall be further progress and up gradation in this field in the coming years. There is a predicted transition from stand-alone programs to complex systems.

These autonomous technologies will establish interconnected relations with each other to expedite processes. Therefore, tracking geolocation, voice or image recognition by self-driven cars was made possible.

3.  Internet of things

IoT is the interconnection of computing or digital devices with an ability to share or transfer data without depending upon any human input or interaction. Many domestic appliances are now being built with Wi-Fi connectivity even though it’s just an initial stage of IoT.

The number of IoT connected devices is already 8.4 billion that can reach 30 billion by the end of 2020. When we book a ride with a ride-sharing app, it made possible and convenient with this technology.

If in future we manage to close or open doors without moving from our place, it would be with graces of the Internet of things. The skills needed for this domain are cloud computing, data analytics, and IoT security.

4. Chatbots are on rise

When you open a site of your favorite brand and a tab pops up asking if you have any query or complaint, it’s a chatbot making an inquiry from you. They are transforming into AI assistants.

Clients are becoming exceedingly addicted to assistance provided by these chatbots and they will find it really hard if these bots disappear. Now a speech recognition technology is going to be introduced and incorporated with chatbots thus making the process even more convenient.

5. NLP technology

It stands for neuro-linguistic programming. Basically, it’s aimed to detect and identify signals that will define the behaviors and performance of certain individuals.

Have you interacted with someone who can’t speak your language? But still, you managed to communicate with the help of hand or facial expressions and body language.

This is the relation of our subconscious mind with our conscious selves. A primary NLP network consists of millions of artificial neurons. In the future, this technology shall be used to interpret the behaviors of employees or clients thus helping businesses globally.

6. Time tracking technology

It’s another innovation in the world of technology to track and monitor employee’s productivity and hours spent at work assignments. Therefore, hefty amounts of resources are secured for companies taking advantage of any reliable time tracking software.

In the coming years this trend will take over and employee monitoring software will become a need of any business setup.

7.  Robotics

Robotics is predicted to take over many manual jobs in the coming future thus raising concerns of many. Healthcare, accounting, data entry and many forms of manual jobs will be replaced by AI managed robotics. There are predictions that robots will become an essential companion in every home.

They are cloud-connected and can work autonomously. However, there are many reservations emerging regarding this tech trend.  But regardless of anything, they will take over in the near future. Fears regarding job losses are unfounded.

Skilled workers capable of managing AI shall be more in demand. Therefore, it’s right to say human jobs won’t decrease but the ones without advanced tech skills.

8. Facial recognition

With increasing concerns for security all around the world. Facial recognition is going to remain in demand. Not only it’s necessary to prevent terror attacks but also many forms of criminal activities.

China has introduced a mass program for facial recognition but it still needs improvement as it has limitations on the number of people it can capture at a time. Besides concerns regarding privacy and data protection need to be addressed as well.

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