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So many times, you forgot to switch off the living room lights and wished to have a magical gadget to take care of it. Well, it seems that your wait is finally over. Alexa echo is evolving with each passing day.


Now, you can get the video footages from the news, watch the live telecast from your security cameras, switch on and off the lights and do all the regular Alexa echo stuff. It even regulates your room temperature by pairing up with the air conditioner.

If you want to call everyone up for the dinner, no need to give a sharp call. Just ask echo spot and it will do the rest. In short, it is a video companion of the echo dot. In the mornings, you can ask it to wake it up the alarm and then to show you the news clips. What can be a better morning!

Features of Amazon Echo Spot

Amazon Echo Spot

What is it about the Echo Spot that makes it different from the other Echo contenders from Amazon out there? Or, let’s leave out even Amazon – compared to the Google Home, how does the Echo Spot fare? Let’s take a look.

1. Good connectivity

Just like the other echo gadgets, this one also connects pretty easily with the Wi-Fi and the Bluetooth. You can make video calls too as it has got a small webcam at its top. So, other than just being an alarm clock, this is your mini smart device.

Wake up in the morning with echo spot’s alarm and then ask it to make a call to your family. Voila! You did all without laying a finger on your smartphone.

An appreciable upgraded feature is that it is harder to spy on echo spot. Unless both the parties authorize it, it does not connect the calls. So, no need to worry about someone connecting with it outside your information.

2. Good coverage

Echo spot has got good audio coverage. Although it is designed to work as an alarm clock, it can pick up voice instructions even from a distance. So, if you forgot to put echo spot on your bedside table, you can still ask it to wake up at 5 in the morning from a distance.

3. Good performance

Alexa echo spot is in no way inferior from the other echo gadgets. The screen is round and may seem different to you. But it does offer incredible clarity and sharpness. You can pick up the headlines and the lyrics from the music videos.


Users admitted to having pre-assumptions about the efficiency of the screen but on using they turned out to be not an issue at all. After all, you use it for watching just trailers and catching up some early morning news updates and not for watching the whole movie.

4. Better audio output

With echo spot, you can push the boundaries of your musical experience. The Bluetooth compatibility, as well as 3.5mm stereo speakers, allow you to enjoy music in high volume. You can keep echo spot in your bedroom and still enjoy the music in your kitchen.

5. Attractive design

Alexa echo spot is designed to capture the imagination of every tech-frenzy. The round structure houses a screen in the front, control buttons on the top and the USB port and audio jack in the back. It has got four dotted speakers on the top too. The screen resolution is good and it does attract the users.


  1. Video streaming of the news, security cams, and smartphones.
  2. 1-year warranty
  3. More attractive than the audio-only device
  4. Allows users to video call with just voice commands
  5. Good design


  1. It is expensive
  2. Audio output is not so good when compared to the price

The final verdict

While we do like the Echo Spot, here is the thing – to explore it fully, you will need to buy smart lights, smart switches and more. And unlike the normal bulbs or security systems you buy, these smart ones are still expensive.

It’s what happens with any new technology, we guess, but it does hurt the wallet a bit when you see that you have to pay double to just get the little extra convenience of letting the Echo do it all with a voice command rather than having you get up.

Alexa echo spot is definitely more than just a smart alarm clock. You can do a lot more activities like making video calls, keeping track of the nanny cam and so on and all just with your voice.

However, its high price is an issue but with the many deals out there, we are sure you will be able to buy if for a steal if you can wait for a while. Buy now on Amazon

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