Analysis Features of Business Process Modelling Software


You may have read or heard about the need for analysis tools in business process modelling software. However, you may not be that well-acquainted with what this means.


What specific analysis tools should you be looking for? How are they useful as you come up with a business process model?

Multiple perspectives, one map

The analysis features of an excellent business process mapping software preferably include the ability to show multiple perspectives with a single process map.

This is a great feature found in advanced business process modelling tools such as Engage. It enables the convenient highlighting of important areas of concern as well as points that can be considered as opportunities.

Tables and table manager

Tables make it easy to do an analysis of workflows, procedures, or processes. They clearly juxtapose important similar details for users of the data to clearly scrutinize these details.

In business process modelling software, tables are regarded as the central repository for the storage and management of entities.

To further make it easier to do comparisons, it would help having a table manager. This feature can be used to save previously used tables or apply configurations that were used before to expedite the process of picking data from certain points.

It’s like having the ability to recall settings so the next time the software is used, table generation will no longer be done from scratch.

Cost analysis

Cost details are extremely important for any business. That’s why it’s also important to include costing in the analysis of a business process model. Fortunately, a good number of business process modelling software options are already taking this into account.

They already include costing information to make it easier to appreciate the cost effects of certain processes or actions. It makes great sense to include costing information in the process model to clearly indicate how much every process is going to affect the financial plan of a business.


More analysis functions

There are also specific functions that can be included in a business process modelling software to bolster analysis.

These include the ability to determine bottlenecks, the ability to identify which points generate value and which ones are simply turning in wastage, as well as the capability to present different perspectives.  These perspectives could be that of an IT expert, a customer, staff, or someone in the value chain.

It significantly helps doing a process analysis if you can understand how things work from different perspectives. Moreover, it would be helpful in doing an analysis if you can easily do a metrics redesign and comparison.

This way you can have an understanding of what happens if you implement changes. You can clearly see the impact on savings, the speed by which something is accomplished, the reduction of potential failure, and the decrease in break time.

An excellent business process modelling software does more than the basics. It goes beyond the standard functions and provides conveniences and advantages particularly when it comes to doing analysis.



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