What Is an Android TV Box and How Does it Work?


There are different TV box providers in the world today. Perhaps the most prominent amongst them is the android television box popular known as Android TV. This kind of television is different from others because it is based on android software. This software enjoys full Google support.

Android TV allows you to watch different kinds of movies and shows. Apart from that, the platform makes it easy for you to play your favourite games, just the way you do with Amazon Fire TV or PlayStation TV and so on. To deliver its contents to its users across the globe, Android TV would always rely on Google Play Store.

As said, many people use the platform to watch their regular television channels. It is now integrated into many television manufacturers such that television manufacturers like Sharp and Sony and several other television manufacturers have made Android TV to be part of their smart tellies. This means that if you have such televisions, you do not require another separate streaming box before you can enjoy such service.

Android television is much the same like chrome cast. This is because it can serve as a streamer. This means that you can easily discover content in your chrome browser, as well as mobile devices, and enjoy it over your android television.

Many people can actually use this platform for different purposes. It is common to see some people use it to watch their favourite YouTube Videos or Netflix and other kinds of videos. Most of its users prefer to use the platform to play games.

If your major interest is to watch videos, there are lots of on demand videos, you can watch with your android television. The most popular ones amongst them are Crunchyroll, Bloomberg Television, Daily Motion, Vevo, Google Play Movies and Television, BBC iPlayer and YouTube and Netflix and so on.

If on the other hands that your major interest is to play games with your android television, there are lots of interesting games you can play with it, and the most popular ones include Inferno 2, Machinarium, the Bard’s tale, the Wolf among Us, the Walking Dead, Badland, Star Wars KOTOR, as well as Asphalt 8 Airborne.

Others include DuckTales Remastered, GTA: Liberty City Stories as well as Implosion Never Lose Hope and several others. This means that you are always going to be busy with your android television.

The major challenge is determining the best android television to buy, as there are different kinds on the market today. One of the newest android television boxes is the SkyStream 1.

Apart from one of the newest to enter the market, it is considered by many users to be the fastest to enter the market. It runs on the popular Android 5.1.1 Lollipop. Many people prefer to use this device to stream their favourite contents.

This device is such popular that when you begin to use it that you are going to forget other streaming packages out there.

SkyStream remains one of the best android television boxes on the market today. The device is meant to do away with any cable and when you use it, you are still going to watch your favourite movies, television shows, as well as popular sporting events.

You can enjoy these entire things utilizing the streaming applications. Usually these applications are loaded with your television box. If you do not get them in your box, then you get them from Google Play Store.

The SkyStream Android television box is one of the most innovative television boxes on the market today. With this, you are going to have access to thousands of games, apps, as well as several add-ons.

It is designed in such a way that you customize your streaming experience. You can stream live sports event, television shows, and several others. You can enjoy all these things without even stepping out of your precious home. Apart from that, you can watch all these programs without paying any dime to any cable station anywhere.

It is simple to use. Just at the press of the button, you are going have access to the world’s largest database of movies, music, and game libraries and so on.

Android television has achieved a lot of success when compared to several providers. It has helped many people achieve their dreams despite the fact that it was first introduced three to four years ago. Searching through On Demand television programs is relatively easier when compared to similar devices on the market today.

You can derive many benefits from using android television box. You are going to have access to lots of programs for free because you do not need to subscribe for programs before you begin to enjoy them.

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