Are We Getting Fuchsia Powered OS in Three Years?


The Google’s Fuchsia Os has been in the news for some time now and the OS that has been claimed to be Android successor is gathering steam and momentum. The Fuchsia OS is based on Google’s dedsire to build an Operating System with Artificial Intelligence, Security, Voice Control and Uniformity as its pillars.

Fuchsia OS

From the look of things, we will start seeing the first set of Fuchsia powered devices by 2021. According to Bloomberg’s report, Google has a team of over 100 members with the sole aim of creating a single OS to run all its device. The group hopes to release a connected home device powered by the Fuchsia OS in three years before aiming to move to other devices like laptops then phones in the five years.

The OS is in part of Google’s plan to build a firmly secure cross platform OS that can be easily upgraded and help Google compete more with Apple.

Google has said nothing about Fuchsia other than “Fuchsia is one of many experimental open source projects at Google. We’re not providing additional details about the project at this time” but with the developmental stride and bulk of engineers working on the project, we could see it going on overdrive and Google bringing it on once theyare sure it can be made available to consumers.

Though five years seems very short to build an OS that will replace the Android ecosystem, do not take it from Google as they can still deliver. The project is still shrouded in mystery and Google’s silence will only make rumours swell.

Google’s Android power over 70 percent of the world’s mobile devices so replacing it would bbe a daunting task but given that the OS security issues made worse by OEM’s tinkering with the codes to suite their hardwares has made it very hard to get updates across to all Android powered devices in time.

That is not to say that Google has abandoned the Android OS. With it’s commitments to the Project Treble (to make rolling out updates fasters), Android Go and also making sure that the Android P is now out in developer preview, we will still see our lovely Android powered devices around.

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