Best Gadgets to Improve Your Running Efficiency


Running is by far the oldest form of exercise known to man. However, as time has progressed, running has turned from a form of exercise into a sport. If you’re one of the people who take running seriously, then you may want to know about gear that can improve your running efficiency.


We’ve found and reviewed a handful of gadgets that can help improve your running experience. The list includes headphones, treadmill running shoes, and tools to help you boost your performance. So without further hesitation, let’s review the best running gadgets.

1. Arion Smart Soles

Arion Smart Soles

In the past few years, there have been talks about improvements in smart shoes. There have never been successful smart shoes that were accurate until the Arion. These shoes track every footstep you take an provide you real analytic tools to help break down your workout.

Luckily, the design is super compact and lightweight, which means it won’t interfere with your workout. The hardware installed into the soles help monitor baseline runs and compare them to your current runs to see if you’ve improved. After analyzing progress, the smart coach provides you with recommendations on where you can run in your area.

The system makes records of step length, balance, stability, impulse, and pace. All of this information can be used to help boost your performance and analyze where you need improvements. All the data is then loaded onto a partner smartphone app, which enables you to access it wherever you go.

Other features include real-time audio coaching, GPS, and a long-lasting battery. The battery can last up to seven hours per charge, and they are entirely waterproof. Although the device will need to be connected to a smartphone.

2. FlipBelt

Another fantastic device is the FlipBelt, which can help you keep all of your possessions safe while running. Instead of adding extra weight by carrying a bag or backpack, you can minimize space by using the FlipBelt. It holds all of your electronics, credit cards, and keys safe while you run.

The fabric tube comes in multiple sizes and can fit waist sizes from 23-41 inches. The belt doesn’t ride up and comes with stretchy material. All you will need to do is place the belt around your waist and place your valuables inside. Flip it over, and everything will stay conveniently tucked on your waist.


3. AfterShokz Trekz Air

AfterShokz Trekz Air

Listening to music, podcasts, or audiobooks can help keep you sane during your workouts. The AfterShokz are designed to stay on your head while you’re running and provide you with clear audio without blocking your hearing.

You’ll be able to hear your surroundings and interact with the real world while also listening to audio files. The sound uses bone conduction technology, which can help you manage all levels of sound while you’re running.

The headphones rest on your cheekbones instead of on your ears, which can help prevent sound leakage. Plus, it includes a durable build that is crafted using titanium.

4. Hydrate Spark Smart Water Bottle

Hydrate Spark Smart Water Bottle

Another nifty investment is a hydrating water bottle that also includes smart device features. The bottle itself can be attached to your belt and can help keep track of your water intake while you run.

You can track how much liquid you’ve drunk per day using the smartphone app. Plus, the device can connect to Fitbits and Apple devices, which makes it convenient to use.

5. Suunto Smart Sensor

Suunto Smart Sensor

If your goal is to stay at a certain heart rate, the Suunto can be a handy gadget. It includes the most accurate heart rate readings and provides you with the results. The sensor is located on top of your heart, which makes it able to track your heart rate accurately.

The slim design makes it lightweight and comfortable to wear for long periods. Plus, you can use it for multiple activities, including running, swimming, and weight lifting. You can use it either over your clothes or underneath.


6. Stryd


Stryd is a wearable tracker that helps measure your progress. It can easily be attached to your clothes or shoes and stays attached. The device measures power, which is the most important to monitor besides heart rate.

If you don’t know, power allows you to know the intensity of running. The feedback you get from the device can help adjust your workout to manage under and overtraining. Power also helps them improve their form, muscle strength, and technique.

7. Jaybird X4 Wireless Headphones

Jaybird X4 Wireless Headphones

The X4 is a wireless headphone that’s suitable for hiking, running and other cardio activities. They are small enough to wear for an extended period and are waterproof.

Pair the headphones with your smartphone, and you’ll be able to control your music selection and sound settings through the application.

8. Mighty Vibe

Mighty Vibe

The last useful gadget on our list is the Mighty Vibe. It’s a small device that enables you to leave your smart devices at home while you go for a run.

The device can play your Spotify playlist, and you can switch the sound settings and songs from the device.

All you’ll need to do is download your Spotify playlist and podcasts, and you’ll be able to listen to them while you run. The song capacity holds around 1,000 songs and connects directly to your Bluetooth headphones.



There are tons of cool running accessories that can help improve your running experience. If you’re looking for a way to make your running sessions easier, then definitely check out our recommendations. If you don’t like these, you can also find many other types of devices.

Some of these include smartwatches that help track your fitness, wristbands, bands to help hold your devices and even smart shoes. So, if you’re interested in improving and monitoring your fitness goals, these will help. Hopefully, we’ve helped you find at least one gadget to take on your runs.

What do you think of these gadgets? Let us know in the comments!

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