5 Best Games for Laptops (High-ends and Low-ends)


You are almost lost in the past. The Gaming world is a must-be-place at leisure times when hands are idle. It is the best place to catch all of the greatest fun to get both muscles and nerves relaxed and the mind stimulated.


But with the continuous rapid advancement in technology, pushing the gaming world forward through the daily development of games, one may begin to miss out on all the latest games and their fun-filled features, that is why I have brought together a list of the best computer games in 2018.

Gaming is fun but getting all the most played laptop games on your high-end and low-end Pc will bring a whole lot more fun than your phone can. Whether you are traveling with your low-end hardware or you are at home with your new laptop playing the same old set of games, this is the best place for you to be now, as I will be giving you a full spec on each of the latest laptop games and how they work. Read on.

  • Steve Jackson’s sorcery
  • Celeste
  • Hollow Knight
  • Yoku’s Island Express
  • Banner Saga
  • Into the Breach
  • Crusader Kings II
  • Night in The Woods
  • PlaneScape: Torment
  • Cupheads

1. Steve Jackson’s Sorcery

Although there are many RPG games out there from Inkle, however, this strip-down has to turn out to be the most compatible for every computer unlike the Witcher 3 that doesn’t run well on low-end PCs. The game is based on the early fantasy game books that features a quest fight between different powerful sorceress from over 12 tribes.

The game doesn’t need a graphics card to run smoothly on both the latest laptops and the low-end systems. It is similar to the widely played 80 days of 2016 with a lot of sorcery powers and spells readily available to move from stage 1 to the final stage. You are ready to have a four-part quest fight for the golden crown was stolen by the deadly Archmage that dwells in the thick forest of Mampang.

Apart from sorcery fight, what gives it an edge over other sorcery fantasy games is the sword fight, so get ready to drain all your juice on this one and get ready to scale through each stage by keeping your stamina under control and using both your sorcery and sword to bring down your opponent’s stamina. This is not the flashy type graphics; however, it is attractive enough to keep your fingers busy plus it doesn’t take much space on PC.

2. Celeste

Unlike every other hard-to-win platformer, this ultra-hard precision most played game does not take pride in difficulties but cool graphics, interesting stages, and some other features which make it a sought after among most interesting games for PC.

A lot of challenges await anyone who goes after the optional collectibles scattered around the game, nevertheless, there are some collectibles, basically hard-to-get strawberries, except with extra jumps you don’t need to buy with your strawberries.

The number of stunts you can perform to safely move from level A to C to the most difficult levels is limited, though it will be a piece of cake for pro player of Super meat boy. Ate you ready to skip over the titular Celeste mountain? There’s no hassle, as the game will give equal fun to every computer.

3. Hollow Knight

This is the biggest entry into the Metroidvania revival. Hollow Knight makes you an insect with a needle unraveling the underworld mysteries and going through a lot of hard-to-play stages. Can you stand up to digging into the entire underworld and get through to the last stage safely with a 21 hours gameplay? That is almost a whole day spent in the darkness of the underworld.


The more stages you scale through, the more characters that await you, and the more you are exposed to new weapons you can get equipped in matching up with each level’s characters (mostly large insects).

4. Youku’s highland Express

Would you like to get a combination of Metroidvania and pinball? All in one place and be able to play it on any hardware. Yoku’s highland Express is the most rated favorite game in 2018 that presents the cool Metroidvania revival in its best. You become the titular yoku (a round beetle) whose job is to get packages delivered as a post office worker.

You will need all the help of your fingers to keep you bouncing like a pinball throughout your journey filled with a lot of dangerous prophecies. Your job goes beyond just a mere post office delivery, you will be a hero for every highland you pass through by making good use of the flippers coming out of the ground to project you higher into the air and some long ramps to make you jump into new areas.

It’s not really much of a graphics so a low-end graphics card is needed to make it run though, a high-end graphics card gives you an edge. There’s not a single PC with a RAM as low as 2GB, not even the oldest hardware, so it is easy to play yoku’s highland express on any PC.

5. Banner Saga

Standalone came, received crazy plays, but didn’t last long among the episodic series released last year. That is why it took Banner Saga more than 3 years in bringing all of its four parts together to bring back the fingers of its day one players, who have been waiting anxiously, on pads.

Now that we have all the three parts with the newly released one in one place, its time get the three back-to-back parts deleted and find yourself leading a handful of refugees through the pulling winds as you cross over the mountains and sloppy plains. Humanity is in crisis and only you and your refugees are left to walk through the harshness of nature, battles, and wars by using your best tactics to win and push the world into a safe place.

The world is in your hands, are you capable of ruling it well? Only in Banner Saga will you be able to answer that correctly. The game will work on 32bit and 64bit system smoothly and Disney-esque artwork remains smart on even the low-end systems.

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