10 Best Weather Apps for the iPhone


There are a number of weather apps that can be downloaded for the iPhone. There are some apps that are going to be more reliable than others. Weather is one of the most commonly searched categories.

These are the top 10 weather apps for the iPhone that will provide the most reliable results that are easy to read.

10. Radarscope


This app is for people that are serious about the weather. They use a number of different forms of data to provide many things about the weather including the velocity, dual polarization, and accumulation.

This app uses the NEXRAD and the TWDR radars. They will alert a person of severe weather, will give alerts of lightning nearby, and will be able to track an incoming storm. These alerts will come up in real time and extended loops.

9. Hurricane by the American Red Cross

Hurricane by the American Red Cross

The Red Cross has developed a disaster preparedness app that will track earthquakes, wildfires, and tornadoes. This app is great for people that live in high-risk areas. It will alert a person is there are strong winds that are coming near them.

There is an extra flashlight built into this app as well as a strobe light. The app will send an alert to loved ones stating that the user is okay based on their location. This app is connected to the NOASS weather radio reports and uses the information and gives tips on how to prepare for a storm.

8. The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel iphone

This is one of the most trusted weather apps in the country. This app will allow a person to get daily and even hourly forecasts for up to 15 days. A person will also be able to see the wind speed, the humidity levels, and the UV index.

A person will be able to find out the weather-related road conditions and they can see videos of major weather events from all around the country.

7. Dark Sky

darksky iphone

This app will track the weather patterns and it is up to the minute. The app will provide the forecast for a 24-hour time period as well as the weekly forecast.

They will also provide global temperatures and allow a person to track a storm to see when it will be affecting their area. A person will get an alert if there is any chance or precipitation in their area. A person will also be able to figure out if they have enough time to do an outdoor activity before the storm hits.

6. WeatherBug

WeatherBug iphone

This app provides a lot of useful information. It will give a person an hourly forecast as well as the predicted weather for up to 10 days. A person will also get the pollen index and will be told if it is a bad day for allergy suffers.

This app will also give a person an estimate of the energy consumption their household is using. It can do this to connect to a thermostat. A person will be able to find out the weather, their heating or cooling costs, and the best temperature to set their thermoset at.

5. Weather Underground

Weather Underground iphone

This app can be personalized and will tell a person their local conditions. They will be alerted to such things such as local conditions and power outages.

A person will be able to see hurricanes or tropical storms in their area. They can get real-time weather reports and see photos submitted by other users in their local area as well as pictures from all around the world.

4. Carrot Weather

Carrot Weather iphone

This app has some additional features and will make the weather more interesting. The app gives some interesting comments and insults the users in a comical way. The app has been told people that it hopes they get a sunburn.

As a person uses the app, they will be able to unlock additional features. This app is great for people that want to get the forecast and will make people laugh at the same time.

3. Weather Live

Weather Live iphone

This app has a great design and will be able to provide the weather conditions in real time. A person can get the hourly forecast as well as daily and they can get the weather for 7 days. The app has some great features that can be customized.

There are four different layout designs to select from and there are some simple details as well as more complex weather information. A person can also select the way they want the weather information laid out.

A person can check out how much precipitation they are expected to get. A person will get a daily alert of the weather condition in their area.

2. AccuWeather

AccuWeather iphone

This weather app is used by millions of people all around the world. It will provide them with the weather forecast in 100 different languages as well as the latest weather news. A person can get the weather with up to the minute information and they can even set this app to give them the weather at their street address.

A person can see an animated radar feature as well as satellite images to find out where a storm is and if it will be able to get near them. This will allow them to make plans based on where the storm is heading.

1. What the Forecast

What the Forecast iphone

This is another app that adds some humor to the weather forecasts. There are 6,657 phrases on this app that are used to describe the conditions of the weather.

A person can even listen to a meteorologist give the forecast and change their voices. This will give a person the forecast for 7 days and will be able to provide an hourly forecast for 48 hours. A person can also see the chance of precipitation in their area within the hour.

These are some of the best weather apps that a person can use for their iPhone. These apps will provide them with up to the date information about the weather condition and there are even features that can be personalized for each user.

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