2020 Browsers – Which is Faster?


The best browser is characterized by its ability to provide more security and faster performance when accessing the internet. In most cases, people purchase devices with the default browser, but that doesn’t mean it is the best.

Therefore, there are quite several browsers in the market that you can choose from depending on your needs. In this article, I will highlight the best browsers in 2020. Read on and find out.

Mozilla Firefox

fire fox

Mozilla Firefox is the overall best browser that allows you to navigate the web easily. It has faster processing speed, which makes it convenient when loading web pages.

It also blocks ads that can be malware to enhance your security while using the internet. Additionally, you are guaranteed with private browsing because you can open a private tab, which later deletes all the data once you’re done using the internet.

It is compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems. If you accidentally delete tabs, Firefox will help you in recovery. Therefore, if you’re looking for the best browser in the market, I’d recommend that you go for Mozilla Firefox at rocketfiles and get it for free.



Google chrome is another browser that has been on a long rivalry with Firefox. Well, it is compatible with Windows, Android devices, and Mac operating systems. Chrome is best for Google drives because it is compatible with all devices.

Besides, it has synchronization settings on every device to allow you to customize your settings based on your needs. It is quite user-friendly since you can search using the address bar, which makes it more efficient.

However, this browser has the files of a large program, and it uses more resources than the other browsers. Some users have noted that the desktop version is not that fast when compared to the Android version.



Opera is an all-rounder browser that is similar to chrome because of its relative base program. However, opera uses turbo processing speed, which allows you to access the net faster, especially when you are on a broadband connection.

These include page loading, site navigation, and initial startups. However, most old websites tend to block opera from accessing them because it is not recognized.

This is a drawback which will require you to use opera alongside other main browsers like Firefox and Google chrome.

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge

This is a good browser that is best for battery life. It is compatible with Android Windows and iOS devices. This browser is mostly in default with the Windows 10 operating system.

Additionally, it is fast and secure, which allows users to comfortably and conveniently use the internet. Moreover, it is good at using less RAM than even Firefox or chrome. Therefore, if you have a laptop that uses less power, then this is your perfect choice.

Microsoft Internet explorer

Internet explorer

Microsoft internet explorer is not expandable than chrome or Firefox, but it is fast and efficient. This browser Makes good use of the resources, which is quite admirable. Additionally, it has a very decent interface, and it uses less RAM.

It is compatible with some devices, and it can access equivalent pages that Firefox or chrome can access. However, it has poor add-ons and extension management tools compared to the other browsers. Although it offers a more customized browsing experience.

Avast secure

If you need a good browser that is good for privacy, then this is the best that you can have. It offers a free antivirus program to prevent you from malware that can infect your computer while using the internet.

Additionally, it incorporates browser tools such as session restore, tabbed browsing, and password manager. Once you install avast secure, it automatically blocks ads, which could possibly lead to malware attacks.

Furthermore, you will not have problems starting up or navigating through the internet pages compared to other browsers. However, one of the biggest downsides of this browser is that it is only compatible with Windows, which excludes Android and Apple users from using this browser.



This is another good browser in 2020, which is best for Macs. It loads web pages faster than other browsers, and it offers telephone support, which you can utilize when you’re experiencing some issues. However, it is not compatible with Windows devices, but it is an equally good browser.


The browsers that I have listed in this article are the best choice in 2020.They will offer the best performance, security, and accessibility when using the internet.

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