DigitalOcean Review 2020


This company specializes in Linux web hosting services. It has fantastic features that stand it from several other providers out there.


Benefits of choosing the company

There are lots of benefits you can derive from choosing the company, and they are as follows:

  1. It offers a low starting cost
  2. The company has many data centers in various parts of the world
  3. WordPress installation is easy
  4. Excellent and wonderful web support


  • It is not a standard hosting service and unless you have a Linux experience, it would be difficult to manage it
  • When it comes to supporting, its limited support system which is only through ticketing.

About the company

DigitalOcean is one of the leading Linux web hosting(aff) companies. The company has its headquarters in New York and has its servers in many parts of the world. It has centers in eight locations across the world. The company provides high quality and configurable virtual servers. You can achieve a lot of things with the system.

It features ranges of distros and this makes it easy for you to set most of its services. In addition, with an app like the Docker, it could be easy for you to set some of the services. To ensure that downside risks are minimized the company offers floating IPs.

This also helps a lot in securing your resources using the cloud firewall as well as manage the setup process through its customized API.

Ease of use

Although the platform is meant for Linux users, it is not necessarily for the most experienced people to use the platform.

The system makes available WordPress, and this can be done on the click. Because of that, there are some services that anybody can create without difficulties. It is not difficult to create VPS and it is not difficult to install. Most importantly, it is simple and easy to get started with that platform.


When it comes to cost, DigitalOcean services are not the most expensive in that industry. The beginner price is good for starters. That plan makes available 1 vCPU, as well as 1GB RAM and 1TB traffic and all these are for one-month plan. The price of the one-month plan is just $5 for one month. If you want unlimited traffic, you can get 50GB at the price of $12.00.

In all, the company has a total of 20 dropdown plans. You can choose from any of these, and these plans include their own specific resources. This is good because you can always get a suitable plan.

For instance, if you run a small, big or medium business, you can get a plan that can take care of your business volume and needs. In choosing a plan, you must consider the type and volume of business you do so that it can work at the optimal performance.


The most important thing is that you get a plan that helps you a lot. Just like other cloud hosting services, it would easy for you to upgrade your plan and you can downgrade it when it becomes necessary.

If for any reason that you would not be available to use the plan, you do not have anything to lose because you can choose the block storage plan. You can easily restore that plan when it becomes necessary.

High performance

The deal in signing up for their services is the quality services the company provides to its customers. It offers great infrastructure, and this can benefit a lot in terms of performance. When it comes to speed, the company servers are amongst the fastest in the industry.

It can boast of 99.99 percent uptime. In addition to that, the company can provide 24/7 customer support. However, the only shortcoming here is that they do not provide telephone services.

You can only reach them through the ticketing method. This is not adequate for a company that runs in an important service like web hosting service.

Getting started

To start with the company is not difficult. You have to register with them on their website. They require your name as well as your email address. After that, you should go ahead and fund your account. Presently, the company has two payment methods, and these include the PayPal option and the Credit card option. Once they received your payment, everything would be available in their dashboard.

The interface can be complex, and many beginners would not know how to go about it. There are certain options available to you such as Build a Node application, as well as Spin up a load balancer. Others include going to containerized with Docker and so on. This language can be confusing for beginners.

However, you can know what you should do by tapping the droplets located in the sidebar. From there you can easily decipher your next line of action. From there you can choose what you want to do and begin to do it.

Hitting create button makes it possible to choose what you want to do with your server. It is possible to select your option from the distros. What you want to do must depend on your server size and that means that it depends on what you paid for.

Beginners are always advised to start from the least plan which is the $5 monthly plan. Furthermore, you are allowed to make a choice of the data center you want to use. There are different data centers and these are located across the globe. You must make your choice.


Once you hit the create button the system would begin to build the server. It contains everything that you want and as said before, there is the WordPress Options. You can click that to get started. Ensure that you add every feature those things that you deserve for the plan you select.

Managing the server

Once you create that server, it would be possible for you to manage it. It would be easy for you to manage the server. You would see the WordPress setup screen appear.

In the same way, it would not be difficult for you to enter the name you have chosen for your blog or your website. The WordPress feature is easy to setup because it features the standard theme which anybody can set. Signup for an account (aff).

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