Do You Need New Tyres? 4 Ways to Tell


If you have had your current vehicle tyres for a while or notice that you are constantly patching them up, it might be time for new tyres.

However, it is sometimes difficult to determine when it is necessary to replaces the tyres. Here are some common signs that you should visit your local tyre shop and have some new ones put on your vehicle.

The Tread is Wearing Out

One of the biggest signs that you need new tyres on your vehicle is when the tread starts to wear out.

You need to have your tyres replaced when the tread gets low, since this can put you at risk of an accident. That tread is helping your tyres handle different road conditions, such as wet roads from rain and various types of pavement.

If the tread gets too low and you are driving after a rain, your vehicle is at a higher risk of sliding and possibly causing an accident.

On a regular basis, check the tread on all four tyres. If you’re not sure if the tread is too low, visit a local auto shop to have them inspected.

Obvious Signs of Wear

Aside from the tread of the tyres, there may be other signs of wear.

These are typically signs that you need new tyres, either because your current ones are getting older or because there is certain types of damage that might be an increased risk for a tyre blowout or other type of issue on the road.

After you have checked the tread, look at the sidewalls of the tyres. Do you notice any types of cracks? If so, these cracks are at risk of deepening and causing loss of air, or a blown tyre.

Also pay attention to things like blisters or bulges on the tyres, as those are also signs they need to be replaced.

Repeated Loss of Pressure

When you fill your tyres up air, that pressure should not be going down in days or weeks.

If you find that you are constantly having to fill the tyres up with air, there is definitely a problem.

It might be that you have a crack or hole that you are unable to find. If you have tried spraying the tyres with soapy water and no bubbles appear, that damage might be too difficult to find.

In this case, you are better off simply replacing the tyres. This is yet another sign of an older, worn tyre that needs to be replaced.

You Want to Upgrade

You might also have a desire to upgrade your vehicle’s tyres. If you live somewhere with a lot of snow and hail, consider avoiding constantly using the snow chains and instead getting all-season or high-performance tyres.

They will help you reduce the overall wear of your tyres and work great in many different weather conditions. The all-season tyres help with better traction while performance tyres are great for handling turns and getting optimal speed.

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