GMC Acadia 2017


The Acadia has got a makeover with a complete new designed 2017 model. It has its merits – a fuel efficient base engine, a spacious cabin, amazing safety features and comfortable handling. Price wise this is one of the cheapest in its category. The cargo space is one of its downsides on a comparative scale. The redesign has definitely paid off and buying it over a Chevrolet Traverse or Buick Enslave has become a wiser decision.



According to the trim, the Acadia can accommodate up to seven people. You have an option of tweaking with the interiors – and can opt for captain’s chairs instead of the second row. With the third row missing, the new All terrain model can only accommodate 5 people.

Headroom is great even in the third row but there is a major lag in leg space – passengers might not feel comfortable to travel in the third row for long journeys. The hard plastic in the interiors might be a disappointment for those looking for a luxurious finish – however the material used is sleek and attractive.

Cargo space is only 79 cubic feet after stashing the third and the second rows. This is still manageable but with the third row in its position, it only has 12.8 cubic feet of cargo space – now this as already mentioned is one of the car’s major weaknesses.


GMC Acadia 2017

This car is neatly designed and fits the category by having a rugged yet simple appeal. There is nothing visually extraordinary about this vehicle but the feel of the vehicle’s look is palatable.


5 USB ports, a 7 inch screen, satellite radio, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto Smartphone integration are the standard features of this car. The touch screen is responsive and doesn’t lag or hang much. It also has easy to read large icons.



The previous editions could only give up to 22 miles per gallon on the highway. This has drastically improved with this edition and now it can give up to 26 miles per gallon on the highway and 21 miles per gallon in the city. It is one of the best in the market for fuel efficiency in its category.

Be it any twist or curve, there are no issues when it comes to handling this SUV – it is optimally designed for a smooth ride. Though it is heavy, the responsive and precise steering makes it possible to make those difficult manoeuvres and park in small narrow areas. Plus this car is great to use on rough terrains and bumpy roads.

If you want this car to give you optimal performance in harsh winters, you can switch to the all-wheel drive system. Acadia can tow up to 4000 pounds which is enough to tow a small boat on a trailer.

The standard engine is 2.5 liter four cylinder that can give up to 197 horsepower. But then you can also opt for the V6, 310 horsepower engine if you use the highway often. It is equipped with a standard six speed automatic transmission system.

Bottom line:

The GMC Acadia does score great on most counts. The interiors of the car are set to provide more comfort to the passengers with leather and cloth seat trim, ventilated front row seats, and more. The car also offers various technological features like touch screen software which will inform one about the nearest plug-in place, a touchscreen navigation, and premium sound system.

The car’s infotainment system has a built-in compatibility with both Apple and Android devices. The car has an electric driving mode and an Eco-DAS driving assistant which helps one with their driving. In case one needs more room in the back, you can also easily fold the second row of the back.

Extremely comfortable to drive, this is one of the cheapest options to go with and also pays well later via fuel savings. The buyer should just be wary of his requirement of cargo space before buying this one.

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