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Cortana has surely made the world far easier to live. Without having to type, you can put instructions to it just the way you like. You could ask it about the weather. Or to set you an alarm clock. Or just ask it to tell you a joke.


The same principle is utilized in the Google home max. This smart speaker is everything you will need for your smart home. Just say, Hi google and the device wakes up and is ready to follow your instructions.

Google home max is audio-only gadget but is pretty impressive in working. It is definitely a step ahead of its contemporaries both in terms of service and voice reception.

Users have reported it to have better voice reception capacity. Also, the wake-up call for Google works even in loud environments.


Google home max

So, what would you love about the Google Home Max? Let’s take a look at everything from its Bluetooth speakers to its design.

Better sound output

Users admit that Google home max gives incredible audio output. So, if you are an audiophile or not, you will love the quality of music you will get. In fact, the manufacturers state that the Google home max improves its audio output with time.

It picks up the surrounding and then modifies the sound. Google home max primarily relies on the online music services for music. You can use the whole range of musical apps available and all of them will play well.

Good design

Google home max comes with a good design and an attractive look. It sure does have a bigger size but it nowhere looks cheap. The mesh outlook from the exterior adds to the beauty. This gadget can be used both horizontally and vertically.

The gadget is designed to suit the needs of all kinds of apartments. If you have a space crunch at your place, you can use it vertically. The attractive magnetic resting pad provides this versatility to the smart speaker.


Also, the speakers are strategically placed to ensure good sound output. The upper-part is touch-sensitive in some areas. If you tap at the top, it starts or plays the sound. But just like other smart speakers, users prefer to give it voice command rather than tap on the speaker.

There are different LED lights at the top that brighten up when the device is active. Also, the USB slot is under the device.

Good connectivity options

Google home max easily connects to your smart device via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. It uses dual-band (2.4GHz/5GHz) 802.11ac Wi-Fi adapter. This gives it a leverage over other smart speakers. The 2.4 GHz band is subject to much interference. So, the availability of 5 GHz saves the device from external interferences and offers better audio output.

Many users of the devices using 2.4 GHz constantly complain of distorted voices when they use other electrical devices like a microwave in their home.

Google home max surely saves from that trouble. You can also use the Ethernet adapter if you don’t want to use the wireless mode. This way, it will be even lesser susceptible to distortions.

Offers you the Quality You Need: Efficiency

The google home Max is just as efficient as Google home. You can give instructions within the 10 feet range. This is average for a house. But given its size, it is actually impressive.

You do need to keep it near you if you are going to give it instructions continuously. Like if you are using it for listening to it to an audio-book, try to keep it near you. Otherwise, in the noise of the surroundings, you may miss some parts.

The Voice Match Feature

Google home Max comes with an interactive feature called voice match. Just like google home, it also allows multiple users to use a single system.

Now, it will differentiate between the voices of different users and act accordingly. As for example, if you want to know the statue of your bank account, it will tell precisely yours and not of the other members. This way, it mains both privacy and security.

Attractive control panel

The top of the speaker comes with the touch-sensitive control panel. You can control the volume just by running your finger through it. The play/pause button works in the same way. This device does not come with any fast forward or backward button. You can do that by giving voice instructions.



  1. Incredible sound output; better than its contemporaries
  2. Highly receptive to commands
  3. Works well with other google chrome-cast products
  4. Good connectivity
  5. Strong and robust built with a unique design
  6. Comes in very attractive design and modern colors
  7. Comes with voice match technology that assures security


  1. Google self-completes the commands which are very irritating
  2. Very heavy
  3. The absence of any display unit for volume or tracks or even power.
  4. Very expensive
  5. Users have reported occasional non-responsiveness of the device.

The final verdict:

Google home max comes with the technical advancement of google. The audio output and reception both are good. But when the users are given the option from many available options, they may skip this. This one is far too expensive than its contemporaries. Check it out on Google store.

Also, the lack of any digital display makes it look not so attractive. In short, even if you invest in a smart speaker, you get something that looks no more than a normal speaker.

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