Google Home Review: Features, Cons and Pros


The smart home gadgets are slowing catching up the imagination of the buyers. People have begun to appreciate the comfort that these gadgets provide.

Now, there are two versions to choose from. Google home mini is the smaller version of Google home meant to target the customers with a lower budget. It is also good for those who have small homes or live in dorms.

Powered by the Google assistant, it is meant to function just as the Google home. But, then the size and technical limitations come into play. Google Home, on the other hand, has nothing similar to worry about.

What can it do?

Google and Amazon Alexa are two market leaders in the smart home devices. Often people call them interchangeable but they both have got a whole range of differences. Google home comes with a completely different set of features, enough to attract even those who have Alexa.

The design and look of Google home are very beautiful. The outer meshed look with the rounded curvature makes it look like a paper-weight.

You can even use it as one. The audio quality is incredible. But the smart speaker specifications need more work. Still, google home is definitely a good option for giving a makeover to your home.

Despite it being designed in lines of Google home, it fails to impress us. It cannot be used as a standalone speaker. The most you can do is keep it with you when you need it. However, it does has its own benefits, and we will take a look at them.

Features of Google Home

Here is what you would love about the Google Home.

  1. Google assistant: Google home’s voice assistant is google assistant. This is highly sophisticated software that is better equipped to handle instructions and conversations. You can even casually ask it for something. You don’t need to say proper sentences. This is because google home uses google search which is the best search engine because of its user-friendly nature. Google home is better equipped to handle accents and hence finds more adaptability.
  2. Broadcast messaging: Using google home, you can broadcast messages to the different members of the family. This can be very helpful when you have the dinner ready and no one is listening! You can also inform your kids about the arrival of their friends or tutor. This will save you both energy and time. Sometimes, you forget where your phone is. Google home is just the perfect solution for that issue. Ask google to call your mobile phone. Once it does, you find your phone
  3. Connectivity: Google home comes with cast support which means you can pair it up with google chrome-cast. You can then go on to stream live news updates or music to the speaker. The best feature added so far to it is the Bluetooth compatibility. You can now connect your phone to the Google home via Bluetooth. This feature was present in its competitions and despite it, being a basic one was absent from Google one. Bluetooth compatibility will definitely increase its user base.
  4. Speakers and microphones: Google home comes with only two speakers. The most notable aspect of this gadget is that its whole service is touch-sensitive. You can manage the volume levels and playlist just by touching the top. But with time, you will realize that it is easier and hassle-free to just give voice commands than handling the volume manually. In fact, this is the basic essence of smart home devices; to augment voice modulated control and minimize physical handling of devices. It comes with only one button which is to switch on/off the microphone. You can choose to switch off the microphone if you don’t want google assistant t to begin searching for every conversation you are having.
  5. Multiple users: Up to six people can have their account on the Google home. The google assistant uses voice recognition technology to differentiate between the people. This way, the private information does not get mixed up.


  1. Multiple users are allowed
  2. Better speech recognition and also casual speech is recognized
  3. Works with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Chromecast
  4. Comes with a good number of functions
  5. The audio output is good with the ability to tinker with different options
  6. The fabric at the top is designed to last long


  1. Supports few devices
  2. No battery backup means it needs to be plugged-in always
  3. Speaker needs more work

The final verdict:

Google home is definitely a pioneer product when it comes to smart home gadgets. But it is costly. To tap the lower budget market, it introduced Google home mini.

Although designed to function just like Google home, the cost-cutting aim seems to affect the gadget. To stay in the competitive market, Google needed to come with a gadget that will be lucrative for the customers.

The mini smart speaker is currently dominated by Alexa which surely does offer better options than Google home mini. The audio quality, mic reception, and app support are all limited. So, despite being cheap, it may not become that much popular among people.

On the other hand, unlike the Google Home Mini, Google home is the pioneer smart home product from Google. It uses better user-interface. Hence users are more comfortable with it. It is able to recognize casual speech and can answer follow-up questions.

With the addition of Bluetooth compatibility, its use has increased. With a beautiful design and backed up with google assistant, Google home is actually a very good option for getting into the smart home race. Check it out in Google store.

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