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Hitman Go is an award winning strategy based puzzle game. The player is required to navigate through hidden spaces to take out the target and infiltrate well-guarded places. The agent 47 has to be made to move around the board in well-designed dioramas to get to the exit point. The end mission of the game is to complete every level without being spotted.


The game starts with small easy levels like reaching without being unseen and goes up the difficulty ladder with each level. Hitman Go has taken pieces from its franchise to create something totally different and at the same time to show that it still belongs to the franchise.

Hitman Go has won the Best Game Design and Best iOS game awards at the Canadian Video game Awards 2014. And while it’s been over three years since the constant updates and the ever remaining popularity means that it is still among one of the top games that you can download and play from the iOS store.

There are games where direction provided in the game make the game slow and thus unappealing; and then there are games where you don’t know what to do next because there is no prompting at all. This game has achieved the perfect balance between both the extremes.

You are directed, at times by the camera and lighting, and at times by other players shouting; but the direction never overpowers or reduces the thrill or the tension of the game. It, in fact, adds to it.

The game is not just a series of adrenaline surges, but also an emotional rollercoaster ride. There is an undercurrent of realness under every scene that is being played out. The characters feel world weary, not just reckless adventurers anymore. You go along not just for the sake of the game, but for their journey.


Hitman Go is bundled up with interesting features to enhance the experience of the player. The features are:

Challenging Levels

There are different and challenging ways to complete the level that is either silently or persuasively.

Multiple Enemies

Various types of enemies and people with differing behaviors like a wedding guest mourning his lost love, gardener trimming the bushes or workmen carrying toolkits.

Requires skills

The game puts your assassination skills to test with the challenging puzzles and levels.


Different Environment

It consists of environments that are off limits or have secret passageways.

Tools of Trade

Agent 47 has different tools of trade like disguises, distractions, hiding spots, silver balls and sniper rifles to make the game interesting

Beautiful Visuals

The game has beautiful model-style visuals to keep the player hooked on till the very end.

Why Play This Game?

Hitman Go is a mobile version is everyone’s favorite Agent 47 game. It is an amazing example of a game that has some relation to its precursor but also keeps it unique and interesting all the way. It is a perfect combination of strategy and puzzle with each new level presenting the player with unique tasks to make them come back to play.

The graphic style is unique which each level unlocking as a box to give a board game feeling. Though the game has no tutorials, the mechanic and playing strategy can be picked up very fast by anyone.

This game is a package for all the Hitman Fans and puzzle lovers out there.

Things about the App

The app is amazing with the game process being fast. This means a person once killed by the agent quickly swiped of the board and if the agent dies then it quickly revives for the next attempt.

However, this game is incompatible with iPod Touch 4th Generation.

Final Word

This game is a treat for Hitman Fans and people who love puzzles. Hitman Go is a unique game which is filled with excitement, fun and challenging tasks to keep the player hooked for a long time. The missions are thought of and the difficulty increases with each level which puts the player in a lot of thought. Overall, it is an interesting and attention grabbing game.


Download the game on your iOS store today!

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