How Does Apple Pay Work in UK? – a Complete Guide


Apple is world’s most valuable company, has launched the best payment service in UK for iPhone called Apple Pay on 14 July. Before UK, Apple pay launched in The US last year. And their living people very happy using this payment method.

Because US people very well know about how does apple pay work in their country and they also know how to use. In simple language, It is just a wallet in which you can keep your payment card details to the platform, you can buy things in high street stores, food restaurants and other real-world locations (which allows apple) by using just their iPhone.

Apple pay is for those people who can swap their credit and debit cards for quicker payments made via iPhone or Apple Watch. For those who always live their life faster. Because Apple Pay allows you to make a purchase by simply holding your smartphone or smart watch near a contactless reader.

If you are a beginner, you need to know about apple pay system before you use. At here I gonna tell you a complete guide about Apple Pay. If you are not a newbie, this article will help you to know its benefit and how does Apple Pay work UK.

Who can Use Apple Pay mobile wallet?

Apple allows this benefit to only Apple customers, who own the Apple’s latest device.

The iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus, iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3 users are able to use Apple Pay because they offer the best Apple’s fingerprint sensor technology with both Touch ID.

Users have these latest iOS devices but, they don’t have upgraded iOS, so they can not use this payment service. They can use after downloading the latest iOS version, iOS 8.4 or above.

How to set-up Apple Pay to iPhone and Apple Watch & how to use it?

Before to use & know of how does apple pay work, you may have knowledge of to setup and how to use apple pay.

Apple Pay saves your credit card and debit card details with card security code. By that whenever you make a purchase the payment will be paid by Apple pay.

As usual, to set-up process is very simple and easy.

You just have to enter all information about your credit card or a debit card from iTunes account to passbook with card’s security code. You can also add an another card by tapping “plus” sign.

Similarly, you can also add on iPad Air 2 or iPad Mini 3. Simply open “Passbook” and “Apple pay“. And follow the steps. For smartwatch setup, just open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone and follow the same process.

How do I know if payment is completed?

For iPhone, When you make a purchase, Simply hold your finger on Touch-ID on contactless readers, and the phone will vibrate and beep when the transaction is complete. Touch-ID verifies the payment is not fraudulent.

For Apple Watch, you need to do is double click the side button and hold the smartwatch display up to the contactless reader, and you will feel the same vibration and beep. and Bingo!   your payment has been completed.

Which Card can be used? & Which bank support it?

Behind the Apple’s massive service of how does apple pay work in US and UK, the major banks and bank’s credit cards and debit cards are standing with Apple. Visa card, MasterCard, and American Express are compatible with it. You can make payment with these credit card and debit card.

All host of banks supports the apple’s new invention. The major bank of UK are American Express, NatWest, Nationwide Building Society, MBNA, Royal Bank of Scotland, Santander, Ulster Bank, are the partner of Apple Pay.

There are many banks support to apple. Some of UK as listed above. There are many banks which support to US. See here to view the list of bank partners of US country.

What are the limitations?

There are some limits to using apple pay.

The most disadvantage for an Apple users that they can spend or buy a thing of up to £20 of any single transaction. But this limit will increase up to £30 in this September.

Another bad thing is you have to keep your iPhone charged, because whenever you travel, your device should not be switched off. Once you pay at the moment of traveling, you need to be careful about your battery until your journey ends. Otherwise, you will have to pay fine.

Where can I use Apple Pay?

Apple Pay permits to pay on thousands of stores and it still counting. According to the survey, I would recommend you to use pay who have contactless readers. There is no need to open an app or something, Just touch in and get your payment complete.

While Apple has officially partnered with Transport for London (TfL) to enable Pay on the capital’s public transport, People using it at Starbucks, Tesco and other shop retailers.

There are many shops, restaurants and any other retailers list where you can shop and buy anything in UK. Check Here

What should I do if someone hacks or steals my devices?

Security is necessary because you have entered all information to iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. Once you put your card’s all information you should check how iPhone is secured? If your phone lost or someone stole your phone you have to preplanning for your mobile.

First method,

  • 16 digit token – which called device account number – every time it does uniquely.
  • An encryption key, every time creates a different signature, called cryptogram.

Every time a fresh one is generated during transaction after a fingerprint is granted. These numbers are never saved in Apple server. So your debit card and credit card information never shared by apple.

Other method,

If you lose your phone in any situation you can use Find My Phone App. By this app, you can put you mobile in the lost mode, and you can suspend your apple pay account from your lost phone. You can also stop all running information of credit and debit card using iCloud.


Here one thing I am gonna tell you in the how does Apple pay work in UK, you may believe it my conclusion, a suggestion, a tip or a warning.

During payment process from Apple pay, please keep your mobile full charged. And use only contactless reader system for pay (if possible).

Note: TfL(Transport for London) added, Sometimes Apple pay creates a problem in London Underground for Britains. Your iPhone or Apple Watch must have enough battery to complete your journey. If ticket inspectors cannot read dead iPhones or Apple Watches on their readers, you will be forced to pay penalty fares.

In the moral if you don’t know How does Apple Pay work at anywhere, If you don’t know anything about Apple pay, you will have to pay more charge or penalty.


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