How to Add Google Play Store to Amazon Fire HD 7th Generation


After years of procrastinating of getting a tablet, coupled with the fact that google has failed to optimize android for a tablet (yes I know of the cheap Chinese tab).

And iPad are very expensive for my liking and to avoid some other issues, I finally got myself the amazon fire HD 10 tablet 2017 version (mhen, should have waited for 2018 version).

After few hours with the device I was unable to find any good app or those am used to on my Infinix and Tecno android phones and tablet. I did some research I tried and it worked for me, so I will be sharing that with you.

To add the Google Play store follow these steps:

Step 1:

Enable apps from UNKNOWN SOURCES!

Settings > Security > Enable Apps from Unknown Sources

This will trigger a warning. Read it, then ignore it.

Step 2:

Download and install four Google apps in this specific order:

  1. Google Account Manager
  2. Google Services Framework
  3. Google Play Services
  4. Google Play Store

Step 3:

Reboot the device.

Now Open the Google Play app. Login and start installing apps.

It was that easy. I’m just getting into playing with the new tablet, but thus far it is great.

This was done on the Amazon fire HD 10 2017, so it might work on the other smaller screens.

The only app having issues on the tablet is Gmail, it force closes.

Kingsley Felix
blogger, editor and founder of krafty sprouts media... A tiny digital publishing company.


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