Here’s how to send voice notes and text messages to a WhatsApp contact without opening the app


Don’t know about you (reading this post), but many a time, I just feel like giving my hands a break from the slightly heavy and bulky build of my smartphone but still getting things done on it.

And being someone who texts a lot via WhatsApp, I found a way to send texts and voice notes to my contacts on WhatsApp without launching the application. The trick to this is something you are familiar with… or not – using the virtual “Google Assistant”. Let’s see how to get this done.

1. First things first, launch the Google Assistant.

You can do this by saying “Ok Google” to your smartphone, or by long-pressing your device’s home button till the Google Assistant launches.

Just so you know, the Google Assistant is present on all smartphones running the Android operating system and if you haven’t activated the virtual assistant on your device, proceed to step 2.

If you have, continue from step 3.

2. Activate the Google Assistant.

You can do this by long-pressing your phone’s home button till the virtual assistant opens. Afterwards, follow the prompt, register your voice and complete the activation.

3. Open the Google Assistant.

From anywhere on your smartphone screen, say the phrase “Ok Google” to open the assistant.

4. Take Charge.

Speak the commands “Send a voice message to Mr X” or “Send a WhatsApp voice note to Mrs B”

Take a cue from the image below.

The command “Send Voice Text to Yemi” automatically initiated the recording of a WhatsApp voice message to one of my contacts named Yemi.

5. Just speak it

Record your message and say “that’s all” to end the recording.

6. Confirm

Google Assistant will ask if you want to send the message or would want to record it again.

7. Êtes-vous sûr?

Say “Send” to send the message.

“Record again” to start a fresh voice message.

“Cancel” to terminate the whole process.

8. Yes, please

Tell Google Assistant to “Send it” and your message is delivered to the recipient on WhatsApp, all without opening/launching WhatsApp itself.

9.  And we’re done!

Afterwards, you will be redirected to the Google Assistant app where you get a confirmation that your message has been sent. See below.


Aside from sending voice messages, Google Assistant can also send “text messages”. All you have to do is command it to “Send a WhatsApp text to xx”.

Where “xx” is whoever you want it to be. As long as you have them on your contact list of course.

There are tons of things the Google Assistant could do. The above is one of them. Later on, we would reveal more of its capabilities.

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