How to Stop Your PlayStation 4 (PS4) From Being Bricked By The Message Bug?


Sony PlayStation 4 users, if you are a regular user of PlayStation Messages, i will suggest you stop using it immediately and close a gaping privacy hole to save your PlayStation 4 console from being bricked.

There is a malicious message which was first reported by users on Reddit, that it is currently circulating and causing consoles to crash and which demands a factory reset to rebuild and gain admittance to your games and data. Affected users are also urged to inform others to delete the malicious message from the PlayStation Message app, before restarting the console and logging into your PSN account after the crash.

This harmful message bug us quite similar to the one that iMessage users faced earlier this year, where a Telugu character was leading the messaging app and device to crash. Same is the case with the PS4 console right now (seen in the screenshot attached above) and here is how you can protect your console before it soft bricks due to this harmful bug:

Steps to Protect your PlayStation 4 (PS4) from the Message Bug

Android or iOS users should download the PlayStation Messages app from their various app store, then log into your account and go to the ‘Settings’ section. I will be using the Android app on the OnePlus 5 to illustrate and change the settings.

Right under the settings, navigate to ‘Privacy Settings’ and then tap on the ‘Personal Info | Messaging’ option to get to the essential steps of the process.

The Message app will ask you to re-authenticate your identity before you can be able to tweak the privacy settings. Once you are in, you need to tap the ‘Edit’ button next to the Messages option.

You will need to change the default messaging setting, which is Anyone, to your most obvious choice, i.e. ‘No One’ to avoid receiving the harmful message. You can also choose “Friends Only” if you trust those who you regularly enjoy a game or two with.

You can follow the above steps from your PlayStation 4 console or the web as well. You need to navigate to your profile which is located from the top right and then jump into the “Privacy Settings” to gain access to the “Personal Info | Messaging” option and protect yourself from any more malicious messages.

Remember, on your PlayStation 4 console, you have to navigate to the ‘Settings > Account Settings,’ then followed by the privacy settings to stop messages from anyone.

I would recommend you to set it to ‘No One’ to avoid any chance of your console getting bricked, even as a prank by a friend.

I hope you find this method useful and may be helpful for protecting your PlayStation 4 console from a malicious message bug that has trapped a lot of users. If you have any other tricks and you are willing to share, please do let us know in the comments section. And don’t forget to share with friends.

Gideon Akeni
Observe and Conquer


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