How to Use Your Smartphone to Remote Control Spotify on Your Smart Home Device


In case you don’t know about Spotify,  it is a digital music service that gives you access to millions of songs. With Spotify, your music playlist can never go outdated or cease to impress you.


There is this other product called smart home devices, so many companies have their own, and when it’s coupled with the company’s  digital assistant like Apple’s Siri, Google’s assistant, Amazon’s Alexa or window’s Cortana, the smartphone device makes your house smart.

You can tell the digital assistant to dim the smart bulb in your room, make the room hot or cold, switch on your smart television or play you a song. Currently, we have, Google Home, Amazon echo, and Apple just launched their own recently, it’s called HomePod.

The smart home device helps you run your home, almost the way tony stark from the iron man movie calls on Jarvis, just that you wouldn’t be able to fly around catching villains. Unfortunately, this post is not going to be showing you anything deep about the smart home devices available, neither are we going to be getting the gist of how the smart device works with other smart gadgets in your house.

We will be focusing this post on Spotify digital music service, your smartphone or computer and any of the smart home devices available. In this post, I am going to show you how to use your smartphone as a Spotify remote.  In other words; using your smartphone to control your Spotify playlist playing through any of the available smart home devices.

This post will be of help to you only if you like listening to Spotify on your smart home device. Then, you can use your smartphone as a remote to control your Spotify music playback.

Everything you need to start using your smartphone as remote to control your Spotify music playback:

  • A smartphone, Android, iOS, Windows phone; any smartphone at all that can download and install the Spotify mobile app from its app store. (In this tutorial we are going to use Android).
  • A smart home device to play the music on: You can choose from Chromecast, Google Home, Amazon Echo or the new Apple’s homePod.
  • A Wi-Fi connection.

How to control Spotify using your smartphone as remote?

When you are sure that you have all these things in place, connected and working fine, you can go ahead with the following procedures:

  1. Download and install Spotify mobile app on your phone.
  2. Launch the app and connect the smartphone to the same Wi-Fi connection you’ve set up.
  3. Make sure the smart home device is also connected to the Wi-Fi connection if not, connect it.
  4. On your smartphone, navigate to the song of your choice on Spotify and start playing it.
  5. A pop-up message will show up, letting you know that there is a device available that you can cast your Spotify actions to. If the pop up didn’t show up, open the now playing screen and click on “Devices available” icon that can be seen on the lower end of the screen, select the device you want to use listen to your song from, this device will have to be your smart home device.


When done, you will hear your song blast out through the smart device’s speakers. On your smartphone, you can use all the features in the Spotify mobile app to remote control the song playing through your smart home device’s speakers.


You can easily navigate through the playlist or album you are playing; you can scroll back and forth in a song, skip forward to another song or backwards. You can also control the volume from your smartphone.

Now you can take your phone into anywhere around the house, and the music will still be blasting, so far the Wi-Fi connection connecting the two devices is not severed due to the distance apart. You can minimize the Spotify mobile app and start doing something else with your smartphone.



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