Innjoo Two Review – The Revolutionary Affordable Flagship Device


It’s no longer news that Innjoo mobile, the makers of popular flagship Innjoo One smartphone and ‘top three most loved’ smartphone company in Nigeria was bringing to life the follow-up of last year’s flagship.

The new flagship device from the Dubai based coy is tactically dubbed ‘Innjoo Two‘, and like the super selling previous flagship device, this new Android trotting comes with a pack of pretty interesting specifications at a price competitors would shiver for.

Innjoo Two… Beauty to behold!

Innjoo are particularly known for awesome aesthetics. Devices made by the coy are beautifully crafted and handy. Being an Innjoo user myself (Innjoo One, which always wow people whenever it’s out on display), I can authoritatively say that there’s no competition for the most beautiful devices among the three kings of the Nigerian mobile market. Innjoo phones are all about beauty!.
innjoo two 2
The new Innjoo two is not just beautiful, but corrects the errors of the Innjoo One which is what should be seen in a follow-up device. The new device utilizes 2.5D to give the device a more detailed curved edges.

The full metallic back-cover/casing of the new Innjoo Two is a massive improvement from the glass-like cover fitted in the Innjoo One which could crack open if it falls, not forgetting the device is pretty sleek with measurements of 7.3mm thickness, meaning it’s as thin as can be, even if not the thinnest device in the world, but for it’s properties, it’s a huge plus. The device also weighs just about 126g, so it shouldn’t sag your trousers or feel as if you are lifting bricks each time you pick up your device.

innjoo fingerprint sensor
Probably the talk of the town on the new Innjoo Two is the fingerprint sensor. Of course, fingerprint sensors are the order of the town, and ALL mobile OEMs are fitting their flagship devices with the sensors. Innjoo isn’t left out.

The new device is fitted with a 2.0 fingerprint sensor which adopts the latest module of fingerprint detector and recognition algorithm, the sensor recognizes and responds to your touch immediately, at a high speed of 508PPI resolution which takes just about 0.46seconds to unlock your device.

Fingerprint sensors provides you a wholly new way of smarter and safer operations. The touch ID lets you unlock your phone and take photo simply by using your fingerprint. You are able to do more with the advanced sensor easily and securely.

innjoo two camera
For photo loving folks, you are not left out as the new device seem to favor selfie loving lads. The device is fitted with dual 13MP shooters. So, you will be getting 13MP 85° wide angle camera sensor in front for selfies as well as at the back of the device.

Probably skipped the most important detail which comes first in detailing a device, but not to worry, we didn’t forget it. The Innjoo Two is a 5.0″ HD IPS screen device and is fitted with dragon tail glass which is supposedly stronger than Gorilla Glass, we’ll leave the comparison for another day, the device display offers pretty clear definition with pixel density of about 294PPI.

If gaming is your intention, there’s a powerful 2GB of RAM, and 16GB of internal storage on board which romances an Octa-core CPU based on a Mediatek chipset, so you should be having fluid game play on the device.

The Innjoo Two would run on Android 5.1 Lollipop OS, customized with Innjoo’s own InnUI. The device is powered by a non-removable 3200mAh battery. Pricing of Innjoo Two is put at about 36,000Naira and will be available in time for Jumia Black Friday according to a reliable source. Who knows, the first few lucky people to go shopping for the Innjoo Two could just get super lucky and have it at a reduced price.

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