Invoxia Triby Review – Is it Worth It?


So you say that you love music? Then you need to have great speakers to get the most out of your sound system, so that you can enjoy every nuance in your favorite tunes. Perhaps you’re a movie buff, who can’t watch great movies too many times. A home theater system is a must for you.

While all components of a home audio system are important, the speakers deliver the goods. A great amplifier paired with sub-par speakers will leave you wanting more.

Whether you’re looking for an entirely new speaker system or are in the market to add that subwoofer you always wanted, you’ve come to the right place.

Invoxia triby review – Introduction

Invoxia Triby

If you are bored of the Alexa smart home devices and google home devices, then invoxia triby is something that is different. It is built to be a smart home gadget but with lesser sophistication. It is actually meant to be put on the refrigerator. It comes with a strong magnet on the back and a cover on its outer side that protects the mechanical device.

It is of yet most portable home kit switch. You can carry it anywhere and use it. It goes well with Android and iOS too. This makes it super adaptable. The device is pretty basic. You can control temperature of the room and some light switches. The advanced functions of Alexa and google home are not present in this.


  1. Design: Invoxia triby is a rectangular gadget that looks more like a radio than a smart device. It has got a meshed appearance in the front with a small screen. The screen shows temperature, humidity, date and time by default. The buttons for various purposes are located sideways. The screen will show the source of audio. It also comes with a micro USB slot which is to be used for charging.
  2. Dedicated app: Triby comes with a dedicated app available across all mobile platforms. You can set-up the device using it. The recent models are designed to support Alexa. So, when you have triby synced to Alexa, you can use it as any other echo device sans some advanced functions. In fact, triby is the first of its kind to support Alexa. When you install the triby app, you can use the device using your vocal commands.
  3. E-ink screen: Invoxia triby comes with an e-screen similar to a whiteboard. You can post something on it using the triby app. As for example, if you want your kids to heat your food in the microwave, you can write it in the triby app. Then transfer it to the device. It will remain there unless the bright yellow stripe on the device is pressed back to its place. It means that message was read.
  4. Audio quality: Triby is regarded as the primitive device. Its audio output is pathetic. The bass is not strong and even misplaced. You can almost notice the distortions in treble and notes. Even though it does support Bluetooth, it has got almost nothing to offer when it comes to audio output. You can find better deals at the same price.
  5. Triby group: One of the disadvantages so triby is that you cannot send text messages back to someone. But this is compensated by making provisions for the voice calls. You can call people in your triby group. The built-in VoIP allows this to function smoothly and is completely free. In fact, the audio quality is commendable. There are radio buttons to do this. Also, the app syncs the whole calling facility.


  1. It supports Amazon Alexa
  2. It offers free voice calling service between the members
  3. It comes with Bluetooth technology
  4. The e-ink screen is of much help in leaving notes
  5. As it sticks on the fridge, it is a substitute for the sticky notes with a modern twist.


  1. The sound output is just a little better than average – we have better options out there
  2. There seems to be more focus on design and less on performance

The final verdict

Triby looks very attractive. It actually offers some service. But in an era of technological advancement, it has become obsolete. The e-ink screen or the magnetic stripes may attract users but they can’t persuade them to invest their money. However, if you need a basic device for your kitchen, it can be of your use.

If you haven’t got yourself a Bluetooth speaker yet, you shouldn’t hesitate to buy this though. Don’t deprive yourself any longer from experiencing music as it was meant to be heard. Upgrade your speaker system today and enjoy the brilliance of quality sound for the many tomorrows to come.

Are you ready to take the plunge and purchase new speakers? Checkout Invoxia Triby on Amazon.

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