Is The New Samsung Galaxy S9 Worth an Upgrade from Galaxy S8?


While you will feel so good owning a Samsung Galaxy S9, the idea of the new features, the pride of being one of the few individuals on earth using the new Samsung offer, there are still some people using Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ that are still thinking if an upgrade to S9 is worth it.


If you are one of them, then read on.

At a time, you have every reason on earth to think about it, the two phones have the same physical design. If care is not taken you might mistake the two phones for one another if you are looking at them from a distance.

While there are no too much out of the box new features to place the two phones apart, the S9 is still a nearly-perfect Samsung phone and if you are a Samsung smartphone fan and you like what Samsung does with their software, their designs, their displays and other things, then the S9 is the best offer you can get right now from Samsung.

On the other hand, if you are one of the few individuals that take to heart a lot of things Samsung is known for not doing well; let’s say, the late Android version updates, the skins and the excessive color out-pour on the display, then the Samsung Galaxy S9 is not going to get you to change your mind to make an upgrade.

Instead of proceeding with analyzing the incredible features of this phone. Let’s take a more disoriented approach on this post by showing you those features that the Samsung Galaxy S9 have in common with the S8 and how they were improved upon in the Galaxy S9 and S9+.


Last year’s S8 has the infinity display, and this year again we are looking at a smartphone that has the same type of display but this time, it has a slightly thinner top and bottom bezels than the last time and they did a better job by hiding the sensors that were supposed to be found at the top thereby pushing the top bezels way ahead to the top; making the black black look more seamless.

The earpiece also now doubles as a second speaker. So you will now have two front-facing speakers, one at the top and another at the bottom to give you that stereo effect while using the phone’s speakers. Even if you mistakenly cover one up, the volume will not blank out completely. The two are working together to give you a louder and clear volume.

Miscellaneous Features

Last year’s offer, the Galaxy S8 has a USB C, fast charging, and wireless charging capabilities, Samsung didn’t shave any of these features off for any other thing. They are still present in the new Galaxy S9. A USB, headphone jack, water resistance, fast charging, wireless charging to name but a few.

FingerPrint Reader

The biggest physical change on the phone is on the fingerprint reader position which Samsung took from the awkward position they placed it on the S8 (top, next to the camera), they placed it on the middle of the phone’s back, just below the camera sensors.


Then again, Samsung did something quite incredible on the fingerprint reader, instead of to just touch the fingerprint reader with your finger while trying to register your fingerprint, you have to give it a slow swipe it through the sensor.

On the back of the S9/S9+, you will find a blood pressure sensor which adds up to the heart rate monitor which has been present on the S8. The S9 will help you measure your blood pressure better than any of these apps on play store.

The S8/S8+ boosted of top-notch specs when it came out. But the S9 bossed it up and it’s been powered by a Snapdragon 845, a 4GB/6GB of RAM, a 3000/3500mAh battery and a 12MP camera lens.

The skin and user interface doesn’t still look like anything close to stock android, and like I mentioned earlier, if stock Android is something you take so seriously, I am sorry because this phone will disappoint you on that. But, generally, everything on the phone still works smoothly with the Samsung software.

Samsung introduced the Iris scanner found on the Note series into this phone. Although the scanner is a little bit slow its still works and serves as a clear alternative to the fingerprint reader because it’s more secure and uses facial recognition to keep your device secured.

It might also please me to mention that there’s this also a new intelligence scan which links face scanning technology with iris scanning technology and calls up anyone that will work better to work depending on the light conditions at that particular moment.

Samsung also brought their own in-house created Bixby on-board and also created a dedicated button for it, as usual, called the Bixby button.


Let’s talk about the battery life. The battery has always been Samsung’s weakness right from time. While they tried a little bit with the S8’s battery, the S9’s battery is not that encouraging. While the battery is not that terrible as I make it up to be, it’s just that, when counting the number of great things about this phone, the battery is certainly not one of them.

The weak battery is being compensated with the fact that the battery tops up really quickly when charging it with the right charger.


Finally, cameras, one of the most important features about smartphones these days. The S9 has a single lens on the back while the S9+ got a double lens.


The S9+ is the first phone to feature a variable aperture camera which means that it can automatically and physically switch between F 1.5 and F 2.4 depending on the lightening condition.

The F2.4 aperture mode is for the normal smartphone camera shots that take place during the day when the lightning is okay but when you venture into a low lighted area, maybe at night, the smartphone automatically switches to wide open F1.5 to allow for seemingly brighter low light shots. The F1.5 mode allows for more light into the camera.

variable aperture 1.5

The camera has been rated third place behind Google Pixel 2 and iPhone X.

We still have the Animojis Samsung re-iterated from Apple’s Animoji. And every other amazing feature we didn’t mention here.


So, is the Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ worth the upgrade? Yea it does worth it only when you are a Samsung fan and wants to choose between Samsung phones. This is the best offer Samsung has to offer right now, although being priced a little lesser than the Note 8 which is about a thousand dollar, maybe because of the larger screen and the stylus, but S9+ can do all that with the stylus out of the way.

The phone is okay with so many things but bad at just a few things.



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