Know more about WhatsApp Price and the Advantages of Using WhatsApp Business API Integration


WhatsApp Business app was released into selected markets, including India, to help medium and large scale business enterprises communicate with customers and the target audience.

WhatsApp has more than 1.5 billion users around the world. It is also one of the most loved apps in the market and has a share only next to Facebook.

WhatsApp Business can be integrated with the system, backend, and database of the enterprise by using API integration services provided by the companies. Many companies in the market provide a cloud platform for enterprises to use the app from a web application.

The app can be simultaneously accessed from various computers, and the support staff can handle multiple chats with ease.

WhatsApp price depends on the type of messages being sent. Enterprises can opt for bulk message packages to send unlimited session or freeform messages to users, irrespective of their location.

While enterprises wait for WhatsApp to verify their account, they can use the app through the sandbox feature provided by the companies. Let us take a look at how the sandbox works in providing enterprises with early access to the app.

While the phone number of the enterprise is being verified, the enterprises can pick another pre-approved number offered by the companies. Enterprises will use that phone number to have their sandbox account activated through the WhatsApp console.

To send messages to users using the sandbox, enterprises will have to first invite users to become a part of the sandbox. Once users accept the invitation, they are giving enterprises the permission to send them messages. If they wish to discontinue, they can send a ‘stop’ message from their app.

There is no limit to the number of messages that sent using the sandbox feature. Also, there is no limit to the number of days or months the sandbox feature can be used by the enterprises. The messages are priced according to the package chosen by the enterprises.

At the same time, the sandbox feature has a few limitations.

  • Messages can be sent to only those users who have joined the sandbox.
  • Messages to other users will not be sent.
  • Only one message can be sent in every three seconds.
  • The Sandbox numbers are branded as the numbers of the service provider company.
  • Only pre-approved templates can be used to send messages to users after the 24-hour window.

The companies provide the following features to enterprises and ensure that the platform is reliable and secure at all times.

Report Tracking

  • The messages sent, delivered, received are recorded for the enterprises. The issues that have resolved and the ones that are yet to be resolved are also tracked for the support staff to work efficiently.

Customize the Account

  • The WhatsApp account can be customized to add the display picture of the business.
  • Using the brand logo will make it easier for users to recognize and identify the business. It will also register the brand and business in the customers’ mind.
  • Additional information such as the address of the office, website link, email address, the list of products and services offered by the enterprise can also be included in the description for users to check out the business.

24*7 Technical Support

  • The companies provide round the clock technical support to enterprises and guarantee 99.9% uptime and system redundancy.
  • The load of the messages is balanced to ensure that each of the messages is delivered immediately to users across the world.
  • The message traffic is monitored at all times and it is seen that no single server is overloaded.
  • Messages that are not delivered to users will be re-routed through the SMS gateway.
  • The status of the messages will be updated on the interactive dashboard for enterprises to know which of their users have invalid phone numbers.

Data Security

  • The companies provide data encryption and security in compliance with the enterprise-grade industry regulations.
  • Role-based access control, vulnerability testing, user authentication, are some of the security measures the companies take.
  • WhatsApp provides end to end data encryption for private chats that keeps the information confidential.

Business enterprises can improve their customer service by using WhatsApp Business to interact with users. The two-way communication and rich interface make it easier for customers to share text, images, and video files along with their queries and complaints.

This allows the support staff to identify the root cause of the issue and troubleshoot it faster with increased efficiency. Chatbots can be used to send instant automated responses to customer messages.

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