Kwese TV: Africa’s Fast Growing Broadcasting Network


Strive Masiyiwa had it all mapped out when the broadcasting network, Kwese TV launched or at least so it seems. The renowned Zimbabwean businessman has his tentacles spread across several establishments housed under Econet Wireless around the world and if there is one thing Masiyiwa is known for, it is creating competition for business monopoly and with the presence of Kwese TV, he strives to do the same with satellite broadcasting in Africa; eyes on you Multichoice.


Kwese TV launched in Africa few years back with the announcement coming in December 2015 and couple of years from then it is living up to its name ‘Kwese’ which means “everywhere” and “anywhere” as its presence reaches over 10 African countries including Rwanda, Nigeria and Ghana where it has been accepted widely. It launched in Nigeria on October 20, 2017 and it has been barely a year of operations but homes and digital platforms have been quick to adopt Kwese TV.

Like a to-be-released music album, Kwese Free Sports was the ideal first single to promote the entirety of the Kwese TV body of work or should I say the ideal intro that preludes well crafted verses and hooks of a hit single. With its launch, Kwese TV is set to create healthy competition in the satellite broadcasting space in Africa where Multichoice currently sits as top broadcaster.

What Does Kwese TV Offer?

Kwese TV brings a new and dynamic suite to the game of Pay TV with branches extending to Free-to-Air TV and Digital TV service offering top of the shelf content matched with affordable and flexible subscription plans.

With an impressive package of entertainment and sports already evidenced by the free-to-air channel Kwese Free Sports and Kwese Sports 1 and Kwese Sports 2 channels from its premium bouquet, Kwese caters for the need all categories of persons covering business, family drama, religion, reality shows, kids’ programs, news and information despite its slim bouquet of channels.

If its 50+ channels are enticing then its subscription plans are more mouth-watering. Kwese brings a game-changer in this regard providing a pay-as-you-watch service that gives users the options of paying for three or seven days of access to its full suite at affordable prices. Its 3-day plan costs N990 and the 7-day plan costs N1850 while subscription to the service for a month goes for N6,275.

How To Watch Kwese TV?

You can watch Kwese TV via any one of these platforms at the moment:
1. Satellite
You can access the Kwese TV service on your TV set using the conventional dish and decoder. The Kwese decoder and dish package is available at leading retailers in its African markets at a very affordable rate. To locate dealers around you, visit the Kwese website.

2. Internet
Kwese Play as the internet variant is called allows you access the Pay TV service on your smartphone, tablet or personal computer by registering on the Kwese website.

3. Kwese App: The last option available is the Kwese App service that offers live content on the go on your smartphone, tablet by downloading from your device’s app store. It is available to both iOS and Android users. The app offers a full bouquet to subscription holders while non-subscription holders can only access its free channels.



50+ Channels Bouquet

Kwese TV provides an exclusive list of channels with top-notch content to match users demands. By category, some of the channels include;
Free-To-Air Channels:- Kwese Free Sports
Drama and Movies:- CBS Reality, AMC, Viceland, AMC series, Passion, Kwese Stories, Kwese Movies 1, Kwese Movies 2, Kwese Movies 3, Kwese Prime, Zee BollyNova, Zee Bollymovies, True Series & Movies
Gospel:- Dove TV, Hillsong, FLOW TV, ITV, EWTN, DAYSTAR.
Kiddies:- Kwese Kids, Dreamworks, Nickelodeon, Toonami, Boomerang, POP, jimJam, Cartoon Network
Lifestyle:- Kwese Know, Kwese Inc, Fashion.
Music:- Revolt, MTV Base, Box Africa, Trace Africa, Trace Gospel, Trace Mziki, HIP TV
News and Information:- TVC News, AfricaNews, France 24, CNBC, Sky News, Al Jazeera, CNN, BBC World News, Bloomberg, DW
Sports:- ESPN, NBA, Liverpool TV, Arsenal Media, Manchester City TV, Spurs TV, E Sport TV, Kwese Sport 1, Kwese Sport 2
Travel:- Animal Planet, Odisseia, Discovery Science, Fine Living, iDX, Nat Geo CORE, Nat Geo WILD, DTX

How To Get Kwese TV in Nigeria?

To enjoy the Kwese TV service in Nigeria you need to purchase a Kwese starter pack at an affordable NGN 10,960 which covers installation fee and a 30-day free access to the full suite.

The starter pack contains a Kwese dish and decoder. Other options include downloading the Kwese TV app on your mobile device where you can only enjoy the bouquet of channels with an active subscription excluding its free-to-air channel or connecting to the kwese website on the internet.

Visit the Kwese TV website to locate retailers around you if you desire to purchase and install the Kwese TV decoder.

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