Monument Valley 2 – The Top iOS Strategy Game


You heard that right! Monument Valley – The original and hugely popular iOS Strategy game just got a whole lot better!


The Monument Valley 2 takes the Monument Valley saga forward. In this sequel, you guide a mother and her child across magical pathways and illusionary architecture – to their destination. The question is – can you do it?

If you can, you learn the sacred secrets of geometry – which means that it’s just not a game but a learning experience in itself.

In Monument Valley the player guides the silent princess Ida through a beautiful world. While manipulating the stunning architecture, the player takes the princess through the mysterious monuments. On the side of this, the player also outsmarts the enigmatic crow people, uncovers hidden paths and unfolds optical illusions. In addition to this, eight new chapters, Forgotten Shoes, have been added to make the game more exciting and fun filled.

Monument valley has been named as the Apple Game of the Year 2014 and also won Apply Design Award 2014. It is available on the app store for $3.99 and the forgotten shores is available as an in-app purchase for $1.99.

There are not too many cons in the game; it is almost near perfect. However, there are small things that you notice as you play along. The most astonishing thing that impresses itself upon you is the sheer silence of the game.


Monument valley has a combination of features which add to the overall excitement of the game. The features are:


The monuments in the game are unique and hand crafted to give the player an out of the world experience. It has been inspired by optical illusions, monuments and temples from around the world and minimalist 3D design.



The sound is best experienced with headphone on. While you manipulate the architecture, the audio sound reacts to it to give you an amazing soundscape.

Easy to Use

The game has been designed for everyone be it a young kid or an old person. The player can easily reshape the world which will help Ida to explore.

Why Play This Game?

Monument valley is an exciting, fun and an entertaining game. Each level is a new challenge in itself which makes the player do much more than just play. The design and the optical illusions are a work of the art which keeps the player hooked till the end.

When the player progresses through the levels, new ways of playing are introduced. This makes the player come back to play the game again and again. The game is packed with fresh and interesting perspectives which relax the mind with its challenges and beautiful design and structure. It is based on perspective rather than physical law which challenge the mind at every step. To add to the fun is the sound track which enhances the overall experience of playing the game.

The new levels that are added to the game have new ideas that are built on the existing one and add to the existing ideas. This is exactly how an expansion should pan out. It expands on the original ideas to keep it familiar but is also fresh introduction to the experience of the game.

Things about the App

Some things about the app are:

  1. The game is a short 10 level game but it has introduced 8 new levels, forgotten shores.
  2. It is a paid game but it is worth playing.
  3. The touch screen of the iPhone makes the game easier to operate and use.

Final Word

If a person is looking for a fun-filled relaxing game, then they do not have to look further. Download the game today!

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