Protect Your Privacy On The ‘Net


An ever increasing amount of identity theft has occurred lately due to the internet. Hackers come up with new ways to steal your private information every day.


Then they use this information to steal your name, address, and your very identity. It could cost you a ton of money in attorney fees and take years to get things straightened out.

Have you ever googled your name out of curiosity? You’ll be surprised to see how much information is out there for the taking.

Things you never realized where there and you wonder how it got there in the first place. You could spend days trying to remove the info, only to have it appear again the next day.

We try our best to protect our privacy on the internet, just as we protect our privacy in our daily lives in the real word. We wouldn’t let an intruder into our homes and this includes through the computer.

Most of us are aware that we shouldn’t give out our personal information to anyone we don’t know and to be cautious when entering sweepstakes. Never click on an e-mail unless it is from a trusted source.

Large companies have suffered devastating security breaches which means our personal information is vulnerable to attack.

Sometimes it takes days or weeks for a company to divulge the fact that they have been hacked and by that time hackers could be vacationing in Aruba with your hard earned money.

What about the stuff we don’t even know is in cyberspace somewhere? It would be great if someone could gather it all up and take care of it for us. It would be nice to be able to pick and choose what is accessible to others over the ‘net.

Here is a very good site that will help you keep your private life private and save yourself some aggravation.

Kingsley Felix
blogger, editor and founder of krafty sprouts media... A tiny digital publishing company.


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