Samsung’s Foldable Phone To Be Released In 2019, targets Gamers


Samsung is speeding up plans to release its foldable phone code named “Winner” according to the Wall Street Journal. The device which is speculated to be the Galaxy X has a 7 inch screen that folds into half like a wallet.


galaxy X

We recently reported that Samsung and LG received patents for foldable devices and seems like the Korean Company productions have already started. One major cause of concern though is the battery that would be added to support the phone’s display. The phone would need a massive battery but Samsung has tried that with the galaxy note 7 before and it resulted in some of the phones exploding due to overheating.

The folded device will feature a camera on its back and a small display bar on the front. When open, the device would be all screen and will have no bezels. The device can also be folded and the secondary screen used for gaming.

Samsung is expected to release the phone in 2019 around the time sore the Mobile World Congress 2019. The phone could cost as much as $1500 which have led to speculations that it will be targeting the gamers niche.

One would have to wait for the specifications to leak so we can truly know what we are in for. should it be successful (we pray it is) it would be Samsung’s third flagship besides the Galaxy S and Note Models.

Enjoy the Samsung flexible OLED screen for phones  and tabs ad campaign video below

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