The 3 Most Important Software Development Trends in 2020


In the 1960s, visionary space family ‘The Jetsons,’ suggested an era marked with flying cars, hyper-loops, and smartwatches. The year 2020 was to be a time of tremendous technological achievement. Life would be improved through artificial intelligence and a nameless Internet of Things.

While humanity may not yet have to deal with hover-car traffic or back talking robot maids, Elon Musk is working on hyper loops and many of us rely on our Smartwatches daily. With this current decade, technologies will continue to advance full-tilt.

Many anticipate that 2020 itself will bring a wealth of new trends, technologies, and contemporary approaches to software development.

In this ever-evolving digital world, let’s take a look at 3 trends that will dominate in the coming year.

#1 Advances in Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence no longer carries a terrifying promise of a sci-fi dystopian future. Instead, it beams as a partner in growth and business development.

Rather than serving as a replacement for human talent, AI will serve as a profitable support tool. One that is versed in processing and analyzing data more expeditiously than any human ever could.

AI can allow businesses to game potential repercussions, streamline decisions based on data, and grant a wide latitude of options in fields such as healthcare. Some even portend that artificial intelligence may hold some gravity in solving the world climate crisis.

In 2020, artificial intelligence will become more accessible to businesses in many market categories.

No longer is this advancement reserved for big enterprises such as Google or Microsoft, independent companies such as Ukraine software development company Intellias, are also working on implementing artificial intelligence technologies in sectors such as automotive, energy, and agriculture.

AI machines and learning solutions will be commercially adopted in 2020, with the market forecast to grow to a massive $14.7 billion valuation.

#2 The Internet Of Things

From smart speakers to smart light bulbs, the Internet of Things is here to stay. The IoT, along with the Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) is predicted to grow hastily in the 2020 tech year.

With the brisk growth of the IoT and IIoT will also come a surge in edge computing and robotic process automation, both of which lead to greater breakthroughs in the IoT sector.

Software development companies have already harnessed the power of robotic process automation and AI to improve quality and quicken production cycles in manufacturing.

As demand grows and the economy changes, our digital society will continue to live within the domain of the Internet of Things in the coming years.

#3 Connected Cloud Software

Artificial intelligence and the recognized Internet of Things generate colossal amounts of data. None of which will be slackening in the coming year.

As both fields grow, the need for greater computing power and connected cloud services will also expand.

Most companies seek a cloud service that combines all of the elements of their marketing stack in one collective platform. A sole platform can be managed as an independent vendor. Thereupon, simplifying everything.

From outsourcing storage, deploying applications and enhancing security, a connected cloud provides simplicity without ceding storage space or scalability. Tech companies are all looking to the connected cloud.

The belief that a cloud service should remain wholly private no longer appeals to companies or users, which is why a combination of public and private will be the way forward in 2020.


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