The Best App That Allows Android Smartphones to Send iPhone iMessages


Look at iMessage the way you saw BBM when it was exclusively working on only blackberry devices.

iMessage is a closed instant messaging platform meant solely for Apple products – iPhones, Macs, Apple watches and iPads. This app allows individuals using Apple products to interact with each other for free

Certain things make iMessage stand out, apart from the fact that it’s free and users get that “VIP” feeling you get when you are among the few people privileged to use something other people could afford to use. The iconic blue text bubbles also allow Apple users to send end-to-end encrypted texts, GIFs, images and stickers. If you are conversant with the telegram app which is, the top-rated secured app should be coming to your mind right now.

On iMessage, messages to and from Android users will appear as green bubbles. Also, if your smartphone is not connected to the internet yet, messages will appear as green bubbles. Therefore, Whenever you see green bubbles while using iMessage, an Android user should come to your mind.

Just like WhatsApp and so many other instant messaging, you can even put together a group chat. Before, group chats on iMessage mean something to only iOS users because Android users couldn’t join any group chat on iMessage. But on the introduction of weMessage, which works surprisingly well with Android phones, green bubble iMessage users can now join their friends in group chats.

Google Play store is full of apps claiming to allow Android users to send iMessages. Many of these are fake apps developed by hackers to extract your details and send it to them. Other apps are claiming to be iMessage which builds on specific codes Apple used on iMessage, most of the time these type of apps are short-lived as they are shut down abruptly.

weMessage is very different, while it’s not claiming to be a stand-alone app that helps Android users surf iMessage like it’s their birthright, it relies on a different method to link you to the iMessage network – having an Apple Mac is very compulsory for this method to work.

According to the app’s developer, who is a 16-year-old boy name Roman, weMessage allows you to access and take advantage of many great iMessage features with ease.

With weMessage, you can access group chats, send and receive images, videos, animation effects and you can even enable Read Receipts if you wish to.

Furthermore, the app is also encrypted – you don’t have to bother about your private conversations being intercepted and leaked.

The weMessage system will start by setting up a server on your mac called WeServer. This server is the medium in which your messages are sent and received via iMessage and are then forwarded to your Android.

According to the weMessage developer, Roman, WeServer is described as a “bridge between a Mac and an Android device.

He explained further that Apple computer is needed because the iMessages are sent through an Apple device to be delivered.

How to set up weMessage and weServer

You can download the app for free from the weMessage website or Google play store.

  1. Before then download weServer on your Mac – which needs Java to run, so download and install Java also if you don’t have it installed yet.
  2. Customize your System Preferences to give the software Terminal rights. To do this, navigate to System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy > Accessibility.
  3. Click on the lock icon and enter your password into the input box that shows up.
  4. Press the + sign and locate your Terminal app – and select open.
  5. Upload the ZIP file and double-click the “run.command” file.
  6. The app will request for your email address; the one you have associated with your iMessage account. Enter the email.
  7. Doing the above, you will be asked for a password to use with the weServer.
  8. Once the weServer is all set up, you can install WeMessage on your phone through the Google Play store or from their website.
  9. On opening the app, your Mac’s IP address will be requested– along with the email address and password you have created. Enter them all.
  10. Finally, your iMessage contacts should already be loaded onto the app or will be loading, depending on your network strength, and you can start sending messages right away.
  11. WeMessage’s website offers detailed how-to guide you can refer to if you run into an issue.


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