Top 5 Browsers With Gesture Support for Android Devices


Mobile devices are all about increased productivity on the go, the transition from the big screen to one that fits in your palm which means a recalibration of a lot of skills for plenty of users.

The keyboard and mouse are not outdated yet, but they are a lot of features available to a user when you utilize any device that is equipped with a touchscreen to use the full capabilities. There are more efficient ways of making use of a browser than wasting your time by giving more attention towards small buttons and menus.

Thanks to mobile devices, the internet is now at our fingertip, yet we have not been able to achieve our productive best. The best feature most users ignore when utilizing a mobile browser is gestures.

Gestures have significant cognitive benefits which contribute to increased productivity. The following are mobile browsers that help to increase productivity are listed as follows:

Google Chrome

Chrome Extensions

To reload the page, pull down the page with your finger and then release it when you see a circular reload symbol.

To switch between tabs, slide your finger horizontally (left-to-right or right-to-left) across the address bar. To access the menu, swipe down your finger from the top-right corner and push your finger towards the menu option you want to select the option.

Dolphin Browser

Dolphin Browser

The dolphin browser interface allows basic patterns to help the user to refresh, move forward and backwards when navigating a webpage. There’s also a gesture feature which can be used to add gestures for a particular website.

This can be down by selecting the settings icon and going to sonar and gesture. Type in the URL then click on the add button, draw the gesture which will be used to launch the sites and then click on done to save the gesture.

Opera Touch

Opera Touch

The heart of the Opera touch is the fast action button. Pressing the button for a long time and slide it upwards to expand the contents of the button.

Different menus will pop up depending on where you are in the app. The tab menu contains three recently-closed tabs and a shortcut that leads to tabs view. The button menu has five buttons which are Search, Reload, Close, Send to My Flow and New Tab. The last option can be used when opening a tab directly on the desktop.

Smooz Browser

Smooz Browser

After opening new pages, to browse through different pages, you have to swipe left or right
To close an open tab, all you have to do is swipe up this browser has other gestures functions that the user can set up by clicking on More > Settings.

Right under the gestures option, activate the Use gesture navigations option. The navigation has four controls: down left, down right, up left and up right, each of these controls can be assigned to a particular setting.

eCake Browser

eCake Browser

This browser is unique because it combines search with gestures. The first three search result is opened organically, and new pages will keep opening when you slide right.

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