Top Three Ways To Market Your Products Online


The business world we have and see today is the most exhilarating, unpredictable world compared to the ones we have decades ago; today Mr. A is the leading company and the next day, out of nowhere Mr. Q has taken over the market, you want to know why?

Psst! The major secret is riding on the wings of social media. This era is the perfect time to maximize all the benefits of social media as an entrepreneur or a corporate firm.

Social media, the goldmine for all business owners

You need to learn and understand the significance of online presence if you want to survive in today’s business world. Look around you what do you see? Several small businesses are competing with the big leagues on the platform of social media. The evidence is glaring; social media is the future of all businesses.

As a business owner, you can cut a slice of the business cake (social media) to grow your business. The amazing part is, it costs you little or no money when compared to the traditional marketing.

If you’ve read to this stage and you are still on the fence about joining the social media train, then this article is just what you need to boost your business to the next level. Billions of people are using the internet today, and more than half of these people are active on social media, searching for your kind of products.

Guess what? There are thousand and one people who have what you have, so what do you do to stay at the top of your game? Here’s what is at your fingertips; Access to a broad audience, Clients’ loyalty, High conversion and more sales!

Now that you know some of the benefits of creating an online presence for your business, let’s move on shall we?

Google algorithms

The core search algorithms of Google has evolved; Google Panda, Penguin and, of course, Hummingbird. Google Panda is an algorithm that uses the quality of a site’s content to rank sites in the Google search engine results pages (SERPs) results.

Penguin is specifically designed to deal with the link’ quality of the site and nothing more. Google’s Hummingbird, on the other hand, is also one of the major Google algorithms since 2009.

It helps serve the best results for specific queries by positively impacting the types of sites which provide top-quality contents that the searcher reads well.

The business owner vs. Google

Whether you are aware or not, the best way to sell any product or business online is to be seen organically at the top of Google search engine results pages (SERPs). What’s not to love about being on the top of SERPs?

It provides excellent traffic to people who can use the field of online search, and the best part is, it is free! The not so cool part of Google SERPs takes time to move to the top organically. Again, every good thing takes time before it materializes; it is worth the shot.

How to market your business online

Create a blog solely for your business

Before you roll your eyes, listen; there is a humongous difference between creating a blog and not doing anything further and consistently posting rich content to your blog. To market your business online, you need to build a blog where you can write and share quality content that will add a high amount of value on a daily basis.

This strategy is a long-term commitment so, do not expect it to yield result overnight. However, entrepreneurs and corporate firms need to embrace this method if you want to create a positive impact on your business and also your customers.

Remember, it is not about you but your customers; you need to create top quality content and not just a “sales speech”. Your prospective customers need to know you are not just after their money but also have their interest at heart.

Facebook ads and landing pages

Another excellent way to promote your business is through Facebook ads and landing pages. Although, it is not free, it is far cheaper, and profitable than the traditional advertising (TV and Radio advertising).

Facebook enables you to reach the right people; geographical location, age, marital status, etc. Facebook ads and landing pages are something you need to learn to promote and grow your business.


In 2017, several business owners especially small-scale business, dived into the endless pool of traffic using Instagram influencers to convert most of their followers to loyal customers.

You can use this incredible platform to bulldoze your way to the top this year. There are a lot of people you can reach on Instagram. For big companies out there who do not have the time to follow up their social media business profiles, you can hire someone to manage your profiles for you.

There are a lot of Instagram influencers ready to help you boost your online presence just for a token.

The year is still very much young; it is not too late to bring your business into the limelight. Learn all you need to know about social media and get ready for a more profitable year.

Joy Ebarefeye
Joy is a creative writer who loves to decode boring information and transform them into the simplest, but innovative ideas for positive impact. She provides practical tips on how to solve life's challenges. Joy is also a full-stack developer who designs and develops beautiful and responsive websites.


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