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Our phones are now pretty much part of our daily lives as we cannot do much without them. Apart from calls and text messages, phones are now smart and we use them for a wide range of functions and fields cutting across photography to security, lifestyle and social media.

Sometimes though, smartphones are underutilized and other times we don’t have the right applications to maximize their usage. Below is a list of Android apps you may need to enjoy your phone and probably make your life/work easier in no particular order.



CamScanner by INTSIG Information is probably one of the best apps out there that ensures productivity. With people needing to convert hard copy documents to a portable document format (.pdf) document, CamScanner app allows you to use your phone camera to scan anything: ID cards, medical reports, application letters, vouchers, and receipts etc. and turn them into a .pdf.

You can crop, add effects, add more pages and even share the document directly from the app. I have used it to make digital copies of my ID card, Certificates, receipts, and Passports. It also has an OCR function that allows it to read through your text document and convert the characters in the pictures to text that you can copy. Such is its reputation that it has amassed over a 100 million download on Play Store with over 4.6 rating. What are you waiting for? Click Here To Download CamScanner.

WPS Office

WPS Office

WPS office by Kingsoft is my best all-in-one office suite app for mobile. The app has the ability to read, create and format Word Documents, PowerPoint Slides, Excel Sheets and PDF documents. With support for over 40 languages, all office file formats, multi-window views and conversion of office file formats to PDF and PDF to word, there is no doubt that is a winner as it currently tops the productivity Category on the Google Play Store. Click Here To Download WPS Office

Tenta Private VPN Browser

Tenta Private VPN Browser

Being a Nigerian is hard as sometimes we are restricted from accessing contents in other countries. Other times the amount of captcha to solve is so ridiculous that leaving a page and coming back will require you to pass a captcha test. Not anymore as Tenta private browser does what it does best. The Tenta Browser is based on OpenVPN protocol with built-in true VPN, has a nuke button to wipe all history related to a particular site and also an encrypted password to restrict other users’ access.

Tenta Browser truly protects you online, Instead of using incognito mode which can still be tracked by Internet Service Providers. The best part is that the browser is free and have several servers you can choose from as you mask your online presence. Click Here To Download Super VPN Browser

MX Player/ListenIt

MX Player

A friend once said the only way to know if a person loves seeing movies on his phone is if he has MX Player app. This app has all the best features and controls and tools you mostly find in PC video players. It is also customizable which means you can tweak it as much as you like. It neatly arranges your videos according to their folders and also automatically creating a playlist based on the folder or video names.

MX Player also doubles as a music player (if you want it to) but for that category, we give it to ListenIt Music App. ListenIt. ListenIt has an awesome UI, equalizer, widgets, and tools like night mode, sleep timer, ringtone cutter. Click Here To Download MX Player or  Click Here To Download ListenIt.

Contacts Optimizer

Contacts Optimizer

For those of us with multi-SIM cards and also Google contacts, we often find ourselves saving duplicate contacts on our phones. Contacts optimizer allows you to find duplicate contacts and merge them, fill-in empty contacts name on the go, search and replace and also move or copy contacts between SIM cards and Google account.

TouchPal Keyboard

TouchPal Keyboard

I have used different keyboards since I got my first android phone but none does it well for me like TouchPal. With a number row and a clipboard with history, I don’t worry much. Everything I copy is saved in the clipboard history which supports save and Lock to prevent overwriting of important clips.

It also has the ability to learn your typing style from your messages and twitter account. It also has prediction mode, keyboard adjustments, plenty of skins, swipe and typing speed meter. It also has a pro version powered by Artificial Intelligence and capable of currency conversion, weather forecast, and basic math calculation. Click Here To Download TouchPal Keyboard.

Omni Swipe/Edge Screen

Omni Swipe

This one is meant for those who hate minimizing their current screen before they can access app screen, contacts or certain functions. Omni swipe (formerly called Lazy Swipe) and Edge Screen apps allow you to just swipe at a certain part of your screen to reveal a quick menu of apps, settings, contacts, and tools. Both apps are slick, minimal and are customizable. Click Here to Download Edge Screen

BandWidth (BW) Ruler

BandWidth Ruler

In the days of Android 4.0, I enjoyed having the speed throttling feature in the Wi-Fi hotspot settings. Back then I could comfortably turn on my phone’s hotspot knowing those using it will not finish my data as I have reduced the download speed to 40KB/s. Then android upgrades happened, the feature disappeared and my internet data disappears immediately as there was nothing restricting the speed.

Along came the BandWidth Ruler app and I was saved. The best part of it, you can allocate different data size, download speed, and set different rules for different times, different apps and different people. Now when a friend asks me to turn on my phone’s hotspot I simply turn on my 80MB data limit and 100KB/s download speed rule and relax. Bandwidth ruler also helps protects your phone phones CPU and RAM. Detailed information on its setup can be found here. Click Here To Download BandWidth Ruler.

SMS Scheduler

SMS Scheduler

SMS Scheduler allows you to schedule messages on your smartphone so that it can be sent to a person at a particular time. Need to remind someone about something at a particular time? Instead of setting an alarm, set a message schedule. The lovebirds who value SMS can use it to send daily messages to their loved ones as the app comes with a loop function that can be used to send a message repeatedly hourly, daily, weekly, monthly etc.

APK extractor Lite

APK extractor Lite

This app simply does one thing: create an offline backup of your android apps and store them on your phone/SD memory. I normally use this when I need to uninstall an app but I don’t want to head over to Play Store to re-install it when I need back. Also, those who modify Android apps can use it to create a copy of an app to modify. It is the lightest app on google play store with size measuring just 50kb. Click Here To Download APK Extractor Lite

Evernote/Adler Notepad


Now, this is a battle between the Old and Strong Ever Note with 100 million downloads and 4.6 rating and the New but daring Adler Notepad with over 1 million downloads and 4.7 rating. I decided to add both apps to the list because I couldn’t really choose between them. Both apps allow you to take notes, create to-do lists, shopping lists, tags, speech to texts and even lecture notes etc.

Evernote though has premium features and a little more advanced features than I needed while Adler is free and can save files to your Dropbox or Google drive for free. I use Adler Notepad now though. Click here to download Evernote or  Download Adler Notepad Here



The MusicMatch app happens to be one of the top apps for music lovers. It does more than just play music. If someone is playing a song you like but don’t know you can turn on the app and it will automatically detect the song’s name and synchronize the lyrics via its “listen” feature.

It also downloads the lyrics to your songs as you play them and can translate them if you want it to. It can get lyrics to songs from Spotify, Sound Cloud, Apple Music, Google Play Music and Others. Click Here To Download MusixMatch

Dashlane Free Password Manager and Keeper Password Manager

Dashlane Free Password Manager

Both apps are part of best password managers out there. They safely encrypt and store passwords to your online accounts on your phone, allow you to automatically login into any of your accounts without needing to type a password and also makes it easy to update your passwords. Click here to Download Dashlane Password Manager or Click here to Download Keeper Password Manager

Other worthy mentions include the Netflix and iflix apps for streaming movies, the Speech Note app that converts your speech to text and good for note taking and ES File Explorer.

Think we missed out on any app that deserves to be on this list? Inform us by using the comment box below.

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