Virtual Reality the Hottest Skill of the Century


Everyone needs to be updated with the hottest or latest skills, especially when it comes to technology. Staying at the top of the game in the tech niche means you can solve eighty to one hundred percent of tech problems, especially when you are a freelancer. However, if you are into web design and development, a big thumbs up to you because it has passed through the taste of time, and it is still waxing strong.


Desktop application development, on the other hand, is gradually leaving the market for mobile application development. Nonetheless, having these skills puts you on top of the most wanted list. You will never go hungry; someone will need your service, no matter how saturated it gets.

Furthermore, change is constant, and there is always room for improvement. Mobile applications will not be thriving the market in the next 10 to 20 years to come. Virtual reality is gradually making its way to the market. So, if you want to continue attracting clients, and keeping the old ones, you need to upgrade your skill.

Moreover, you may have heard about the current emergence of customer-ready virtual reality technology (VR).  You know, strap on the headset, take the hand controllers and enter into another realm… the tech realm.

Although game developers are leading the way in exploring virtual reality’s potentials, several designers are seeing VR as a revolutionary instrument for enhancing skill acquisition. For example, a flight simulator can use virtual reality for a technical task that is dangerous, inconvenient, and expensive to practice in real life. Virtual reality is also seen as the ultimate empathy machine for soft training.

Furthermore, Virtual Reality’s cousin augmented reality promises to completely change the overall performance support by overlaying visuals and other information over the real world. However, many leaders are taking cautious about these new-mixed reality technologies.

If you are still wondering why and how virtual reality is the hottest skill in town and the wisest thing to learn right now, the five reasons written below will explain more.

Virtual Reality Mass Adoption

The success of any invention or idea depends on the size of the market Virtual Reality is here. However, it is still a niche market, but it will change soon. Apple plans to launch its mixed reality device in the next one or two years. Once this is done, we could have more than one hundred million different reality devices in no time.

Furthermore, Google’s Android is also catching up by including both virtual and augmented reality capabilities, and Microsoft is waging its future on the HoloLens, let us not forget about Facebook and its Oculus Rift too.

If the digital media giants are already joining the VR train, what are you waiting for? Moreover, the forces of Moore’s Law on steroids will ensure this new trend is cheaper, more ubiquitous and better in the next years than the previous. It is better you get equipped and master the new trend than to be caught unawares and leave you out-dated.


Virtual Reality Works

Several studies have shown the efficacy of learning virtual reality, for instance training professional quarterbacks with virtual reality improves their decision-making by 30 percent and helps them to make faster decisions. A Stanford Professor, Jeremy Bailenson discovered that users retain thirty-three percent more than virtual reality standard video.

In addition, the fear of public speaking was reduced by twenty percent with virtual reality, and almost nine in ten participants decreased their fear of heights with virtual reality.

Virtual Reality Development is Affordable

Another telltale sign that this trend is a progressive one is the affordability; we have experienced a drastic decrease in the cost of developing in 3D in the last years, which gives you the power to leverage on the value of developing for VR by using the same simulation to any flat screen device.

You Can Take Advantage of the Novelty Factor

“Several people still have not experienced high-end virtual reality, which gives room-scale positional tracking, so you can physically walk around and specialized hand-held controllers for realistic interaction” according to Anders Gronstedt.

It is an amazing experience for new users; you have 6-12 months window to wow them with the first virtual reality experience of their lives.

You can develop today and use the knowledge on any future AR or VR Headset

The virtual reality headset in your workplace will out-dated soon; however, the learning experiences you build for them will be obsolete.

In conclusion, the virtual reality revolution is here, and it is opening a new era of visceral and experiential learning. This is the time to pitch your tent in the VR camp; start development now for the high-end VR headset, HTC Vive, or Oculus Rift. If you have a learning center, make them available there too. By the time iGlasses is unveiled, you will have a various Virtual Reality Programs.

Take cryptocurrency, for instance, I know you would have taken some critical steps in 2009 and even 2012 if given the opportunity to go back in time. VR is the future, get the skill as soon as possible and be among the most sought-after tech guru in the future.

Joy Ebarefeye
Joy is a creative writer who loves to decode boring information and transform them into the simplest, but innovative ideas for positive impact. She provides practical tips on how to solve life's challenges. Joy is also a full-stack developer who designs and develops beautiful and responsive websites.


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