Ways to Increase Your Online Business Sales This Christmas


Christmas is around the corner and if you own an online business, you would know just how important the time could be. It’s what sees the biggest sales in the year, and can help you get the profits you need.


However, more sales mean more visitors online to your site, and you wouldn’t want your site to get sluggish or crash as a result.

How do you increase sales this Christmas?

Everyone knows the importance of having an e-commerce site. It seems like the fast way to success – easy way to gain popularity, customer loyalty, increase reach and sales. However, a lot of work goes into maintaining an e-commerce site.

It is not that easy, as anyone who sets one up realizes. So what are the small things to remember if you have an e-commerce website especially when it comes to Christmas? What are the ways to increase traffic?

Check the bandwidth

Reuters report that many websites crash because of the huge number of visitors. This is especially likely in times of festive traffic. Plan for this eventuality as nothing can be more putting off for a consumer than a message that the site cannot be displayed. Simulate peak loads and monitor site responsiveness during peak season.

Speed up

If your site takes forever to load, consumers will simply opt for another option. According to Statistic Brain, the average attention span of an individual in 2012 was a mere eight seconds.

So make sure your website loads quickly. Log out from your admin account and try loading the website as a normal web surfer. Repeat the process from your mobile phone, your tablet and so on.

What’s the compatibility?

Talking about mobile phones, make sure your website is well suited and adapted to all operating systems and is compatible with all kinds of phones.

Having a responsive phone design is very important. As of May 2013, 63% internet users use their mobile phone to go online, says Pewinternet.org.

Use Social Media

Social media is a sure fire way to publicize yourself. Build a free page on Facebook, have a Twitter account, blog about your new product discounts, Pin your new apparels, Tumblr your coupons – just about any creative idea you get.


This is a very good way way to reach out to Gen Y. But the age-demographic has expanded to include the older generation too. According to Expandedramblings.com, 66% of Facebook users are between the ages of fifteen to thirty four.

Register your visitors

Make sure you enquire for an e-mail address from your users. Then squeeze out maximum benefit from it. Mail them exclusive discount coupons, timely reminders for festive sails, suggest products based on previous buys and what is ‘liked’ on your Facebook page etc.

Be very particular about not unnecessarily spamming them though. That creates a bad impression on the mind of the consumer and s/he may unsubscribe from the e-mail alerts and moreover never visit your site again.

Give answers

According to blogs.salesforce.com, 45% of US consumers will abandon an online transaction if their queries are not correctly addressed. This means your support needs to be excellent. Support can be in various forms, but is usually restricted to three kinds – e-mail, online chat and phone call.

Regarding e-mails, as far as possible, try to give enquiries a related response and avoid canned answers. For chats, when no operative is online, instead of just a simple ‘We are offline’ message redirect them to another stream of communication.

For example, ‘We are offline. Please drop us a mail at abc@xyz.com and we shall be happy to reply to your query as soon as we can.’

This gives the customer a much needed alternative and prevents potential customer losses. An additional benefit of good customer relations is that it adds a human element to the interaction; this is helpful in forging better relations.

Do remember, a consumer will be impressed if you resolve their problems quickly, and you will surely gain in on the trust factor. Make this Christmas sales your best yet!

Kingsley Felix
blogger, editor and founder of krafty sprouts media... A tiny digital publishing company.


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