Ways To Save Are All Around You


Have you ever stopped to think about all the things you come across every day that can help you save money?


They’re everywhere! Sometimes we become numb from the sheer number of offers. My advice to you is to perk up and pay attention. You’ll be surprised at how much you can save.

Companies use many incentives to get you interested in their products. They’ll hand out coupons or free samples to create awareness of a new product.

They are hoping that since you can try before you buy, there’s a chance it will become your favorite new product. They use the same method to remind you of something that may be slumping in sales.

Stores set out samples for you to try manned by a staff member to answer any question. Restaurants offer free meals or treats on your birthday.

Grocery stores, gas stations, and department stores offer loyalty cards that give a reward after spending a certain amount.

There is a seemingly never ending supply of free books to download on your Kindle. No Kindle? No problem. You can download a free Kindle program to your computer.

Pay attention when you’re on your favorite website. Instead of ignoring those ads or blocking them, take a good look and see if they are offering a free sample or coupon you might be interested in.

Sometimes if you call or write a company and complain or rave about their product they will send you free samples or coupons. The contact info and website is always listed somewhere on the package.

There are tons of free offers and savings for pregnant couples and babies. Parents will find an abundance of companies eager to send them your way.


They may ask for your feedback after trying the product, but it normally is done through email and only takes a few brief minutes.

You can go to the website and search for free offers or coupons for each company, but there’s an easier way. Sign up for a daily email from a savings or freebie site. They do all the work for you by gathering the newest deals and coupons.

These sites will link you directly to the offer on the company’s web site. They filter out any spam and sometimes offer their own money saving tips.

Make sure to have a separate email address that you dedicate for signing up for your free offers. That way your regular email won’t be inundated by the company or spam. When you sign up for an offer, companies want to keep in touch and send you more offers or promotions.

If you like getting something for nothing or trying a new product without wasting money on it, just to find out it’s not your cup of tea, open your eyes and you’ll see savings all around you.

Kingsley Felix
blogger, editor and founder of krafty sprouts media... A tiny digital publishing company.


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