What is a Smart TV?


In the current times, when all the gadgets are now available in their ‘smarter’ version like smartphones, smartwatches etc., why should everyone’s favorite television set remain behind.


The ‘idiot box’ is not so ‘idiot’ anymore as smart TVs now form a major chunk of the televisions being sold in the market.

If you are considering purchasing a smart TV and wanting to know more about what it is and what all does it offer, then keep reading…

Essential Differences Between the Regular TV and a Smart TV

In a regular TV set, all you do is flip the TV channels with the remote, adjust various settings like the volume, brightness, contrast etc. and turn it off when the job is done.

In a smart TV, also known as the “connected TV” you get the facility of connecting to the internet, access to a whole lot of online content and the luxury of an in-built interactive software.

You can connect it to other devices like gaming consoles, smart phones etc. All in all, you are capable of performing a lot more functions on a smart TV than on a contemporary television set.

The internet connectivity is one of the main features of a smart TV, which makes all the difference. It is time to ditch the small screens of your PCs. Take a minute to imagine the magnificence of watching Friends or Game of Thrones on your new smart TV!

The Top Features

Here are some of the things you’ll love about owning one.

The internet connectivity- You can use either a Wi-Fi or a hard wiring system to make internet accessible on your smart TV. While installing the device at your home, make sure that lies within the range of your Wi-Fi network.

If not, then, either plug your broadband router directly in the Ethernet port provided in the TV set, get a Wi-Fi extender or invest in a bigger and better Wi-Fi set that supports 802.11ac.


Now you can easily tune into your favorite TV shows and movies available on online sites like Netflix, Hulu and more.

Applications and other features- the number and type of apps vary according to the manufacturing company and the model of the television set.

Some apps, which are common to almost all TV sets, are Skype, Twitter, Vimeo, YouTube, Facebook, Pandora, Netflix and Amazon Prime Videos.

For making video calls via Skype, you will have to attach the necessary gear i.e. the web cam to the smart TV.

You will now be able to stalk people on Twitter and Facebook easily via your smart TV and enjoy the daily life vlogs of the popular YouTubers directly from the television set.

The higher priced Smart TV sets offer a wider variety of apps while the lower priced sets stick to the standard necessary ones only.

Most companies on a regular basis provide the software updates, just like the ones on your smart phones, so that you can enjoy newer features on your television sets.

Voice control- Most of the smart TVs are now equipped with voice control options. These allow you to switch channels, search for videos etc. by using voice command.

The smart TVs, which are available in the market, support the voice recognition tools like Google Home and Alexa. Getting a step ahead, you can now synchronize your device to door locks, music systems, and lights and use voice control to regulate them.

Other services- The benefits of smart TVs are not just limited to streaming videos.


To mention some of the other facilities, you can find what the weather is going to be like in the next few days, order takeout for your ‘boys night in’, catch up on the news from around the world, order a cab on Uber and so much more.

The gamers are in for a treat as well as the smart TVs are capable of supporting a number of games on the device.


Smart TVs are nothing less than a revolution in the entertainment arena. With one device capable enough to assist you in all your daily functions, smart TVs are bound to replace the conventional TV sets very soon.

Various companies offer many different features in their products. So, before you buy your next Smart TV, make sure you do a thorough research as to which brand and model will suit you the best.

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