Why you need a Chrome Extension – A Beginner’s Guide


Chrome extensions are the easiest and simplest ways of tailoring your online browsing experience according to your unique needs with just a simple click. In definition, chrome extensions are actually small software programs which are built by using web technologies such as HTML, JAVASCRIPT or CSS.


A chrome extension is strictly built for one purpose only and it can serve numerous functions all targeted towards a single purpose.

Why you need a Chrome Extension?

Chrome extensions are built for a number of causes. Some of these extensions offer quick connections to specific features while some are designed to enhance user experience. You can expect extensions for a number of purposes such as online security scans, VPN connections, automated downloads, single-click online gaming and other purposes.

Why should I keep my traffic to myself?

Being an online business owner, your online site traffic is what determines your success. It is important to get a hold of your visitors in order to maintain a sustainable online business. Loss of site traffic is usually caused by a lack of statistical analysis.

A number of chrome extensions offered by various traffic increment services serve the function of binding the traffic to your website. Apart from maintaining online success, keeping your traffic to yourself is also very important to give a tough time to your online competitors for improving your site ranking in Search engine listings.

Can’t I just use incognito mode?

Some users believe that switching to Incognito mode is going to solve all their online privacy problems, but this is not the case. Incognito mode can only protect you from the invasion of browsing history and protection of personal information from adjacent users of the same computer.

However, incognito mode fails to spoof your location and protect your personal data and privacy from ISPs and server administration. This means that server administration can easily track and view your online activity even when you are using incognito mode.

How should I protect myself on Chrome?

Thanks to VPN services, you can spoof your IP address and easily circumvent any administrative invasion in your privacy. Protecting your privacy as well as your personal data is a breezy task on Chrome. You can avail VPN services to protect yourself from pertaining scams and privacy invasions.

Why ExpressVPN’s extension?

Using ExpressVPN chrome extension is the most reliable and easiest way of protecting yourself on chrome. Now that you are well aware of all the dangers of unprotected browsing, it is about time that you switched to a secure VPN connection. Here are all the reasons as to why the use of ExpressVPN chrome extension is recommended for you:

  • The ExpressVPN extension enables you to check your site visitors (traffic) and security analytics with a simple click. You can count on this extensions’ statistics for improving your site traffic as well as maintaining fair levels of online security.
  • Contrary to the clunky VPN services which take a lot of time and effort for simple connections, the ExpressVPN extension is a one-click solution to avail VPN connectivity.
  • Tired of geo-tracking? You can now easily spoof your geolocation by using the HTML5 embedded ExpressVPN extension for hassle-free and secure browsing.
  • Most of the websites with HTTP format offer lesser security levels as compared to the HTTPS The HTTPS website format means that the site is secured by complex data encryption which is almost impossible to be breached by hackers. When matters involving personal information and data are in question, make sure that your website has an HTTPS format before you proceed.

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