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The headphones are really the key to the space of experience that modern games for consoles or PCs provide. They isolate from the environment and allow you to focus only on the story of the game. For this they provide an emotional sound that in most cases will not be reflected in standard computer speakers. No wonder that we are bombarded with subsequent rankings of Best Gaming Headset.

However, the truth is that if you want to choose a model that will give you excitement at the highest level, the ranking of gaming headsets is not enough. This is where your own sensitivity to sound, experience and at least basic knowledge of the specifics of Gaming Headset.

Sound at the master level

The computer game creates very specific listening conditions. The sound we receive is much more fragmented and heterogeneous. Elements such as the accuracy, purity and spatiality of the sound gain in importance here.

Therefore, if we are going to play only at home, it is worth considering headphones with an open design (e.g. G4ME ONE by Sennheiser). This solution allows you to output a reflected sound wave out of the capsule of the handset, thus eliminating the risk of distortion. The disadvantage of this solution is that the sound emitted by the headphones will also be heard by other people in our immediate vicinity.

So, if you like to play at night, take this into account. What’s more, such headphones let in the sounds of the environment, therefore full involvement in the story of the game will be possible in them only when there is absolute silence in the room. Otherwise, the elements of the game may mix with the sounds of the environment.

The Sennheiser G4ME ONE model is, on the one hand, extremely precise sound, on the other – the convenience of using a light, open design, the advantages of which, for example, Frans Galshiøt Quaade (pictured), lead sound designer IO interactive – the manufacturer games from the Hitman series.

Many games also require us to be well-oriented in the field. We must precisely assess where exactly the sniper who just fired in our direction has just arrived. In this situation, the best choice will be headphones, which provide a surround sound effect.

The producers propose basically two solutions – real / true surround, in which the sound emission is carried out with the help of small transducers mounted inside the headphone or virtual surround, where the spatial effect is produced at the software level. In fact, each of these variants will improve the quality of listening and give the game real spatial realism.

The final choice of format depends really on which sound you like more. You will learn this simply by trying further models of headphones for players in audio showrooms (for example in one of the 14 Top Hi-Fi & Video Design salons).

An advanced surround sound system can be found, for example, in the Sennheiser GSP 350. On-ear headphones allow you to create a high-end Dolby Surround 7.1 sound effect, with the help of which you literally “immerse yourself” in the story of the game and easily recognize which side the threat is coming from.

The powerful, closed design and built-in cable surround sensor in the Sennheiser GSP 350 model allows the user to enter the unprecedented level of sound reproduction that surrounds us on each side.

You can also enjoy the Virtual Surround 7.1 sound effect using the Sennheiser GSX 1200 PRO headphone amplifier. This device, created especially for gamers, uses the patented Virtual Sound Algorithm solution, which gives the space to headphones connected to it – also those that were not necessarily designed solely for the needs of players. Our offer – GSX 1200 PRO in a set with high-end Audio-Technica ATH-A2000Z music headphones.

The GSX 1200 PRO headphone amplifier allows you to give the surround sound, surrounding character and gaming flair. With the Audio-Technica ATH-A2000Z headphones, the amplifier creates a well -coordinated team for special tasks.

A higher level of communication

Gaming headphones are not only high-quality sound. It is also possible to communicate with other players in multiplayer mode. That’s why most models for games have a microphone. Very often it occurs in the form of an extendable arm – as in the Koss SB40 model.

This solution allows the microphone to be placed exactly in front of the mouth, which will better capture the words spoken by us. It’s good if the microphone of the device we decide on is also supported by systems for improving the quality of the received sound. Such solutions have, for example, the aforementioned SB40 model.

The Koss SB40 is an example of a gaming headset with a microphone in the form of a controllable module that allows you to set up exactly in the speech area. The background noise reduction system makes communication between users gaining purity and precision.

When choosing headphones with a microphone, we can also choose a variant with a device built into the cable or the earphone jack. In this situation, however, we have to reckon with slightly less convenience and functionality of use. Such a microphone can simply not accurately capture the words spoken by us.

Therefore, we recommend models with a microphone in the cable or headphone casing to those players who rarely use the multi-player mode.

A new dimension of convenience

When buying headphones for players, we should also pay attention to the convenience of use. Even the most sophisticated sound possibilities of the set will not help when the headphones start to seduce us in the middle of an exciting game.

Therefore, before buying, it is worth to pay attention to their weight (definitely below 0.4 kg) and the way to fit the head. Our advice – target lightweight or circumcise sets, such as the Audio-Technica ATH-PDG1 gaming models or the previously mentioned Sennheiser G4ME ONE.

Both models have a low weight – for the first 245 grams, the second – 300 grams. Each of them has also been equipped with a number of design solutions that improve the comfort of use. In the case of ATH-PDG1 we are dealing here with a leather finish and deep ears that perfectly surround the ear. Sennheiser put on a velvet plush that is covered with deep earmuffs and the interior of the headband.

The lightweight, open design of the Audio-Technica ATH-PDG1 and Sennheiser G4ME ONE models means that these headphones combine precise, spatial sound with ultrahigh comfort of use.

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